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Watercare Final Daily Water Supply Update: 22 October

Press Release – Watercare Services

Yesterday, Auckland Council agreed to lift the outdoor water restrictions thanks to the recent rise in dam levels, the work we have done to strengthen Auckland’s water supply and Aucklanders’ fantastic efforts to save water. This means the below update will be our last daily update.

Please find below our water supply update for 22 October.


  Yesterday Past 7 days
Hūnua Ranges  0mm 60mm
Waitākere Ranges 0mm 30mm

Dam storage at midnight (in total):n to

Today: 93.44%
Yesterday: 93.25%
Normal for this time of year: 91.4%

Water consumption:

Target for October 2021: 420 million litres or less a day (for the rolling 7-day average)
Yesterday’s consumption 379 million litres
Yesterday’s 7-day rolling average 388 million litres

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