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Get Vaccinated This Super Saturday So We Can All Enjoy A Super Summer

Press Release – Office of the Mayor of Auckland

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is backing the Super Saturday vaccination drive this weekend and calling on Aucklanders to step up and get vaccinated to protect their communities from COVID-19.

“Aucklanders are doing an incredible job of vaccinating, with around 87 per cent of those eligible having received their first shot,” Mayor Goff says.

“But we need to keep pushing that number higher. Every single vaccine dose counts in the fight against delta and every single person who gets vaccinated is helping to make our community safer and bringing us one step closer to life with fewer restrictions.

“That’s why we are supporting Super Saturday and calling on every Aucklander to do their bit to help. If you’re not vaccinated yet, it’s time to get it done. If you are, think about how you can encourage your unvaccinated whānau, friends or community to play their part.

“Aucklanders have led the COVID-19 response and have made incredible sacrifices to help keep New Zealand safe. Now we need a big push to get as many people as possible vaccinated, so we can all look forward to a fantastic summer of festivals, concerts and good times with friends and whānau.”

Manukau Ward Councillor Alf Filipaina agrees. “A high vaccination rate is a critical part of the plan to keep our people safe and to reduce restrictions on business, activities and events in time for summer,” he says.

“The more people we get fully vaccinated now, the more protection we will have against COVID-19, and the more freedoms we will have available. Now is the time for everyone to roll up their sleeve and get the jab—it’s about whānau, aiga.”

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Ward Councillor Josephine Bartley says, “We’ve already seen a massive effort from our communities to get vaccinated and I want to thank everyone involved for their dedication and their mahi.

“Now we need to really turn up the dial and get the message out to everyone in our community who is not yet vaccinated.

“Please reach out to everyone you know who may not yet be vaccinated and encourage them to attend a Super Saturday event. Everyone who gets vaccinated this week brings us closer to our 90 per cent target—which is a key number we have to reach so we can look forward to enjoying greater freedoms this summer.”

Mayor Goff concludes: “With summer just eight weeks away and COVID-19 still spreading in the community it has never been more urgent to get everyone vaccinated,” he says.

“That’s why I am calling on every Aucklander to get vaccinated this Super Saturday, so we can all enjoy a super summer.”

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