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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Enables Secure Scanning And Printing For Engineering Drawings With ApeosWide 3030/6050

Press Release – FujiFilm

AUCKLAND, October 14, 2021 — FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. launches the ApeosWide 3030/6050 monochrome wide-format multifunction printers with three new products under two models for scanning and printing A0 size drawings with enhanced security functions to prevent leakage of confidential drawings. Sales commenced earlier this week in the Asia Pacific.

The ApeosWide 3030/6050 multifunction printers with its existing security printNote1 and copy managementNote 2 are further equipped with more robust network security functions with the latest version of the network security standard – Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3), which provides a stronger encryption for network communications.

For added protection, the single printer can also be connected to two independent networks, thereby enabling an environment where scanning and printing operations can be managed separately and securely. For example, connection to the company intranet for employee’s usage, while the other is connected to the internet for external users. There can be independent connections for different departments and users such as general users and departmental users only. And these can be implemented via a secondary ethernet connection.

The ApeosWide 3030/6050 is also designed to provide enhanced experience to users with its new user interface (UI) via a 10.1-inch colour LCD panel and is equipped with an attention light to alert users that an error has occurred when the orange lighting flashes up for easier management and operation.

Note 1: Storing data in the device and entering the password on the operation panel for printing.

Note 2: To prevent information leakage from paper documents, a fixed character string can be printed on the background of the entire output paper.

ApeosWide 3030/6050 Product List

Product Names Functions
ApeosWide 3030 MF (Model-2R) Equipped with copy, print, and scan.
ApeosWide 6050 EP (Model-4R) Equipped with print.
ApeosWide 6050 MF (Model-4R) Equipped with copy, print, and scan.

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