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Never trust a skinny chef. This simple sentiment rings true in a wide variety of industries and is particularly true in the digital marketing space.The industry is riddled with smoke and mirrors designed specifically to obscure results to try and squeeze hard earned dollars out of the pockets of clients. Agencies often use their knowledge in the online space as a crutch to communicate to clients in a manner that seems to express expertise, but really is a means of skewing deliverables.

Lime Digital chooses to go against the grain, providing expertise in digital marketing while maintaining transparent communication. The agency has no need to get its clients tangled up in the analytics because it has a track record that speaks for itself. As a new boutique agency, The marketing agency has already checked off a giant milestone in a small amount of time as it continues to break new ground in its slice of the digital marketing industry pie.

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting, and Lime Digital has put its money where its mouth is – ranking first in Google search, for “digital marketing agency”, the gold standard in digital marketing deliverables that all clients are looking for when partnering with an agency.

If you type in “digital marketing agency” into google search today, you’ll find Lime Digital sitting as the first result.The agency can do this for your business too, and is offering a 10% discount to all new businesses that sign up before the end of 2021.

Lime Digital was established 17 January 2019 by Luke Tizard and a handful of team members with extensive digital marketing experience. The small but efficient team had taken the time to reflect on their time spent working for agencies of various sizes and dissecting their pros and cons. Like any great modern startup, the team started working remotely from their homes, meeting over cups of coffee at local cafes to discuss strategies before heading off to client’s offices to demonstrate the value digital marketing can bring to their business. The boutique marketing agency has come a long way since those humble beginnings, setting up an office in the heart of Auckland’s North Shore. The team has expanded significantly too, bringing together a diverse range of talent to cover the entire digital marketing spectrum. Lime Digital truly is a boutique digital marketing agency set up to elevate your business to the next level.

Luke Tizard, director of Lime Digital, remarked on his reason for breaking the status quo “because all too often companies just build websites, just run ads, or just make logos. Good digital marketing is a process, it requires coherency. As an agency we can take businesses through the entire process, starting at design concepts all the way to delivering leads. Having that 360 powerhouse means that not only do our brands “pop”, but the websites make sense and the marketing campaigns match the same visual and written communication style. It allows brands to come alive. There is cohesion in the customer’s journey”

It makes sense that the agency has applied this approach to its own marketing. These are the principals that have driven it to success in Google search rankings thus far, and with a solid foundation in place, will continue to take over all of its relevant niches.

To do this, the agency treated itself as it would any of their stellar clients. Lime Digital set forth with a strategy to drive customers to their website. The goal was to rank in the top position on the Google search results, a task which can take businesses years to achieve. But by outlining their goals for relevant search terms they wished to be found for, the agency was able to put the aforementioned “360 powerhouse” into motion to grab the top results.

Setting up an SEO strategy that revolved around creating the right content for the right audience was key in achieving the marketing agency’s incredible results. This strategy included everything from informative content and blogs, the content for each web page, the structure of the website itself (Google is particularly picky about this), right down to the finer details such as alt text for images and search page titles and descriptions. Analysing the search habits of the agency’s ideal customers helped tailor this strategy to create value, as Lime Digital became the answer for all the questions they had. This strategy meticulously outlined the best keywords and search queries that are relevant to the marketing agency’s services, allowing potential clients to be presented with information that they gain genuine value from.

While the SEO strategy creates a pathway forward, it requires careful consideration for the creative work that compliments it. If SEO and technical marketing skills are the rehearsal and backstage crew, the creative is the star of the show. Both these factors are equally important in digital marketing, but creative assets are the icing on the cake as it is what your potential customers will be exposed to. Technical SEO and creative have to be reflections on each other, walking hand in hand to create the best results. The agency took the time to think about how its ideal audience thinks, how it feels, and created a voice for Lime Digital that could communicate efficiently with this audience. This voice is used constantly through all it’s communications, from social media through to website content and blogs. The marketing agency carefully created a range of visual assets including its logo, colour pallet and fonts. These choices would be extended to the creation of the website that would be populated by written content in the marketing agency’s voice.

This strategy that combines technical SEO analysis and creative output is by no means a “set it and forget it” affair. It requires maintenance, consistent analysis and the ability to pivot if needed. All these elements need to work synergistically, and that is exactly why Lime Digital has been so successful. The agency’s team is made up of a diverse range of marketing professionals, each an expert in their own niche. Every branch of the team is in close communication with each other, ensuring that each different facet of marketing is working alongside its complementary elements. This means when campaigns are set in motion, such as the one that earned Lime Digital it’s top search ranking, all the pieces fall perfectly in place.

While Lime Digital was established back in early 2019, this latest SEO strategy was executed in a matter of months. It coincided with the expansion of the agency in which Lime Digital began to roll out its full list of services. When the website was originally refreshed for this, it’s pages ranked around the 100 mark in Google search results. The efficient team created the overall SEO strategy, set it into motion, and in just a few short months found themselves at the top of the rankings.

Anyone with any knowledge of digital marketing knows that this is an impressive feat. But it wasn’t luck, and Lime Digital can do the same for your business. The agency services businesses from a huge range of industries. From Renovation Works and South Pacific Scaffolding in the construction industry, to The MacMurray and Cambridge Centre in the medical field. Some of these businesses have been with Lime Digital since their inception because they have seen incredible results. No matter the industry or niche, Lime Digital is a digital marketing partner that can deliver you results. If you’re wanting to climb the search ranks, increase your brand’s presence and create a visual identity that stands out from the crowd, now is the best time to do so. Lime Digital is offering 10% off for all clients that sign up with them before the end of 2021. Time is ticking.

Lime Digital will continue to push ahead of its competition with it’s battle tested digital marketing strategy. The marketing agency looks forward to repeating its success in claiming top rankings on search results and are confident that they can do the same for your business. Until then, Lime Digital is going to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate achieving this huge milestone in the digital marketing field. To find out more about the array of digital marketing services on offer from Lime Digital, head to today!

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