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Build2 Have Added A 13 Tonne Excavator To Their Fleet

Press Release – Build2 Construction

Over the years, Build2 has carved itself a stellar reputation for its retaining wall, concrete foundation earthworks, and excavation services.They have become known for their no-nonsense approach to pulling up their sleeves and getting the job done with fast and efficient work delivered to the timelines they promise. It comes as no surprise then that construction projects of various sizes and complexities are looking to incorporate Build2’s services to keep their projects running smoothly.

With an increase in demand, Build2 has invested heavily into their equipment in order to maintain the high-quality service they’ve become known for. The expansion of Build2 as a company means that they have added a significant upgrade to their arsenal – a 13-tonne excavator to increase the scale of the work Build2 is capable of while never decreasing the high-quality workmanship and efficiency they have become known for.

From foundations to earthworks, Build2 has had a company ethos to take advantage of the latest innovation in the construction industry. The building company sees it as a long-term investment to stay ahead of the curve and always be able to offer market-leading solutions to their clients. With the aforementioned increase in demand, it became clear that a larger excavator would provide an immense amount of value to the projects on the company’s horizon. With this in mind, Build2 would like to introduce the latest addition to our high-end tools and equipment – the Hitachi ZX135-5.

The Hitachi ZX135-5 is a state-of-the-art 13-tonne excavator that is a complete game-changer. The Hitachi ZX135-5 Is designed specifically around the ability to increase productivity on the worksite while simultaneously reducing the impact its use has on the environment. The innovations in its design allow it to be used with lower fuel consumption while producing higher productivity compared to its competitors. These powerful and innovative features mean that the excavator never compromises on efficiency and sustainability, creating a safer and pleasant working environment.

The Hitachi ZX135-5 is equipped with a low emission engine, and its HIOSIII hydraulic system can be operated in a range of different modes to have control over its fuel consumption without ever slowing productivity. This includes an ECO mode that reduces fuel consumption by 19% and a PWR mode for when productivity really needs to ramp up!

The excavator is designed to take on a wide variety of worksites and its relatively compact size makes it a prime candidate for jobs with limited space but still requires a powerhouse to get the job done. This means tight driveways, roads, and urban construction projects can easily be navigated around. This increased operating efficiency is thanks in part to the Hitachi ZX135-5 having minimum upfront and rear protrusions, allowing it to squeeze into tight spaces that conventional models of its size would be unable to get into.

While a smaller footprint and fuel efficiency are great, what about the excavator’s performance? Well on that front, the Hitachi ZX135-5 definitely does not disappoint. A major factor in the success of a construction project is the efficiency and productivity of your equipment. You can have all the eco-friendly features in the world, but if the machine can’t get the job done it is worthless. But this excavator packs a punch. It features a hydraulic boosting system that allows the arm roll-in speed to increase in instances where the load is relatively low. This is complimented by Hitachi’s well-known power boost feature, an industry-standard to deliver an increased enhanced level of lifting power and excavating performance. The excavator’s adaptability is further increased by the wide array of attachments supported by the system, meaning that any excavation problem your project may have, the Hitachi ZX135-5 has a solution.

With the Hitachi ZX135-5 13 tonne excavator joining the lineup of impressively powerful tools and equipment offered by Build2, the company is looking forwards to increasing the speed and efficiency of its high-quality work. The Auckland-based construction company continues to up its game in the innovative tools and value it can offer to its clients.

It isn’t only its equipment that Build2 is looking to increase. With the expansion of the company, they are also on the search for a new member to join the team. The company is currently looking for a full-time excavator for the Hitachi ZX135-5 13 tonne excavator. The right applicant will need to have experience completing residential site excavations, drilling and final trim.

Applicants must

  • Be punctual
  • Able to pass a drug test
  • Have great attention to detail
  • Work well in a team with good communication skills.

Pay rate and a late model vehicle will be dependent on experience. This is an awesome opportunity to join a growing company with a great team and culture.

Whether investing in equipment or personnel, Build2 has an ongoing commitment to offer high-quality excavation services. The company is renowned for its work installing retaining walls and concrete foundations and is confident that with the inclusion of this brand new 13-tonne excavator they will be able to continue to exceed their customer’s expectations.

If you’re interested in joining Build2 or are looking for innovative earthworks, concrete foundation, and retaining wall services, get in contact with Jamie and the team at Build2 today!

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