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A Peek Inside The Christchurch Internet Troll Agency

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Kōwhai Collab and The Outlook for Someday present

Through a family connection, our documentary crew were granted special access into the Christchurch branch of the top-secret Social Cyberspace Agency on the condition that it would not be released for two years…
It has now been two years. Although the film is a mockumentary, these kinds of companies really do exist (The Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg interfered with the 2016 US election), shaping the thoughts and views of the masses. This story is a little less sinister.

The agencies boss Liz has invited a crew to film the agency as a ‘a peek inside’ or ‘welcome to my crib’ to send to the Kremlin to make them look good. We meet the eclectic members of the branch through a series of talking head interviews. Their world is soon turned upside down when the Kremlin threatens to defund the Christchurch branch or they will have to merge with the… Aucklanders. How desperate are these trolls to impress? Desperate enough to commit an act of domestic terrorism?

A Peek Inside The Christchurch Internet Troll Agency is a mockumentary, using comedy as a tool to highlight a serious topic, we explore and humanise the people behind the computer. Trolls for hire, but it could be your dad.

A Peek Inside The Christchurch Internet Troll Agency is one of the Someday Stories series of sustainability-focused short films by emerging film-makers of Aotearoa New Zealand. Someday Stories is produced by Connected Media with support from NZ On Air, Te Māngai Pāho, the New Zealand Film Commission in association with their Screen Partners; Stuff, Māori Television and RNZ.

A Peek Inside the Christchurch Internet Troll Agency 
As part of Someday Stories Series 5
Film premieres at 11am, Monday 27 September
Streaming on PlayStuff, RNZ, and Māori Television On Demand
As well as the Someday Stories website, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo

Producer: Mikaela Rüegg
Writer/Directors: Lucinda Jones & Genevieve Kent

Social Media platforms: 
Instagram: @kowhaicollab 

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