Kiwi-made Masks Keeping Our Elite Athletes At Olympic Games Safe.

Press Release – Lanaco

“Our New Zealand Olympic team will be protected by New Zealand made facemasks that use the same technology chosen to protect Nasa astronauts,” says Lanaco managing director Nick Davenport.

“Our elite athletes and wider team will use our unique New Zealand-made masks that use our specially designed Helix technology filters.

“We’ve provided more than 70,000 disposable facemasks, to the team, which can be re-used. They’ve received a mix of certified top-line respirators for high-risk use and resistance masks for non-competitive times. The masks are made in the national team colour of black.

“We worked with the New Zealand Olympic Committee and medical staff in the development process to produce an ideal mask for these elite athletes.

“No mask is ever going to be comfortable in the warm temperatures of Japan, but the team can be assured that under these unique Covid conditions, they have the ‘mask of least resistance’ there to protect them – knowing it is the same technology chosen by NASA to protect astronauts on their next journey to the moon.”

“Lanaco wishes the New Zealand Olympic team all the best. We have confidence in our masks and hope they give the athletes confidence to perform at their best.

“Nasa chose our special technology for astronaut use on the next mission to the Moon and Mars because of their exceptional performance in extreme mission-dependent situations.

“Lanaco produces specifically designed respiratory filters and devices using unique Helix technology from its specially selected New Zealand sheep flocks.

“This process produces a unique and high-performing natural protein fibre-based filter which has been optimised for applications related to respiratory health in medical, appliance, ventilation and anti-pollution.

“Natural wool fibre has amazing capabilities which synthetics can’t match. Wool is the world’s most positively-charged natural fibre, which translates to an electrostatic filter that acts as a magnet that capture particles. Its naturally bacteria-static, so germs don’t remain on it. It also naturally absorbs toxins.

“Our masks are estimated to be three times easier to breathe through than any other facemask on the market. I’m also proud the supply chain is all local, from Central Otago sheep to the factory in Auckland and outlets around New Zealand,” says Nick Davenport.

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