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Rima Nakhle National’s Candidate In Takanini

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

Rima Nakhle

Today Rima Nakhle has been selected by the National Party to stand in Takanini for this year’s General Election. Takanini is a new electorate in South Auckland.

Ms Nakhle is the Executive Manager at Te Mahia Community Village, a family businesses which provides emergency and transitional housing accommodation.

“I’m delighted to be selected as National’s candidate for Takanini. This is an exciting new opportunity with a new electorate, and I will be working hard to ensure Takanini has strong National representation come September 19,” Ms Nakhle says.

“Takanini is a growing area with hard working families who are trying to get ahead. They, alongside the rest of New Zealand, are facing tough economic times, and they need a National Government to help guide them through these times.

“Only National has the team with the experience and know how to rebuild our economy and provide jobs for the people of Takanini.

“The current Government has talked a lot and promised even more, but there is a difference between delivering messages and being able to deliver what is promised in those messages. National can be counted on to deliver for our families.

“In the good times the Government has struggled to deliver on its promises, particularly around infrastructure. We are now facing a serious economic crisis, and Takanini needs to have confidence that its Government can meet the task.

“I’m looking forward to campaigning hard and earning Takanini’s trust to win support and join the National Party team. We can’t afford another Labour Government, certainly not in these times,” Ms Nakhle says.

Biographical Notes: Rima Nakhle

Rima Nakhle was born in Sydney and immigrated to New Zealand in 2012 after marrying her husband. She completed a Law degree at Western Sydney University and is an enrolled barrister and solicitor.

Ms Nakhle is currently the Executive Manager at Te Mahia Community Village, a family businesses located in Takanini which provides emergency and transitional housing accommodation. Together with her husband they established the Te Mahia Community Village Trust as part of her philanthropic work towards creating positive experiences for families at the Village.

Ms Nakhle is passionate about local initiatives and fundraising events and, sponsoring various sports teams and local athletes, as she believes sports play a pivotal role in improving people’s lives.

Through Business Association events, school fundraisers, soup kitchens, food parcel delivery to the elderly and giving presentations about the positive achievements being made at Te Mahia Community Village, Ms Nakhle loves engaging with the community at all levels.

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