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Yellow Ticket Rolls Couriered Around NZ To Keep Up With Demand

Press Release – Lotto New Zealand

Courier companies around NZ are busy delivering yellow ticket roll to stores so they have enough ahead of what’s expected to be Lotto’s busiest day in history.

“We’ve distributed four times more yellow ticket roll this month, compared with the February last year.

“What Lotto NZ physically sells is a piece of paper, but with that comes a dream – a chance to win, a chance to change your life and the lives of those around you.” says Marie Winfield, Head of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Lotto NZ.

Ahead of Saturday’s jaw-dropping $50 million draw, and with ticket sales projected well in excess of 2 million, the challenge has been to ensure all Lotto NZ stores have enough yellow paper.

“Our warehouse and the courier companies have been working hard to make sure Lotto NZ stores are fully stocked with yellow paper, so no one misses out on their chance to win!” says Marie.

If you unravelled all the yellow ticket roll Lotto NZ have sent to retail stores this month, it would be as tall as 6,133 Auckland Sky Towers stacked on top of each other.

Or for those trampers out there, that’s almost 104 hikes across New Zealand’s greatest day walk – The Tongariro Crossing.

If sightseeing is your thing, the distance of all the yellow ticket roll would get you all the way from Invercargill to the iconic tourist spot – Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.

If you ran the length of the yellow ticket rolls sent out just this week, you’d have run almost 21 marathons.

To run the length of all the yellow ticket rolls sent out to retail stores this month, All Black, Beauden Barrett would have to play 287 games.

To put it simply, a heck of a lot of yellow ticket rolls have been sent to Lotto NZ stores this month – but will yours be the golden ticket that wins?


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