Hillary grandsons join the Everest climb for Nepal

Press Release – Himalayan Trust

Alex Hillary
Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust and Kathmandu are challenging New Zealanders to climb 8848m, the height of Everest, during the month of March to raise funds for Nepal.

This year, Sir Edmund Hillary’s grandsons George and Alex Hillary, will embrace the challenge alongside hundreds of New Zealanders who will climb, hike and bike the height of Everest to raise funds for life-changing education and health projects in Nepal, still one of the poorest countries in the world.

“I’m taking on the Summit Challenge because any challenge that gets people to be active and push themselves is something that I’m keen to be a part of. What an awesome opportunity to do that whilst raising money for a great cause as well,” said George Hillary.

To complete the Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge, participants need to ascend the height of Everest – that’s an average of 295m every day. They can take it on anywhere they like, complete it solo or share the climb between a team, go hard out and tackle the climb in one weekend, or spread the challenge out over the month.

“My grandfather’s legacy in Nepal is very inspiring,” adds George. “It really does teach us that everyone can do extraordinary things. We can’t all be the first to summit Everest, but we can all lead by example and make a difference.”

“Ed’s achievements and accolades always felt normal to me. Growing up and seeing him on the $5 note didn’t feel unusual at all. I guess that is one of the good things about New Zealand culture; never take yourself too seriously. Ed certainly never took himself too seriously.

“We think Ed would be proud to witness the Summit Challenge and see that so many New Zealanders still support his work. He was a no-fuss sort of guy, but his work in Nepal was a pretty big deal to him. He would be thrilled to see all the positive work still taking place in Nepal.

“It’s wonderful to see how Ed’s example continues to inspire people in New Zealand and around the world and brings people together with the goal of making the world a better place for the next generation.”

To find out more about the Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge visit summitchallenge.org


Hike with George and Alex Hillary to launch the Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge 2020. March 1, 2020. Meet 8:45am at Mount Eden.

Summit Challenge participants can join Sir Ed Hillary’s grandson George to hike up Mt Eden seven times (500m). It’s not quite Mt Everest, but it’s a good start. There will be spot prizes on the day thanks to our generous sponsor Kathmandu.

For more details visit https://www.facebook.com/events/125009235509252/


Hike with George and Alex Hillary in Christchurch to launch the Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge 2020. March 3, 2020. Meet 6pm at the Rapaki Track.

For more details visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1364747037033792/

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