Beam granted a licence to operate e-scooters

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Beaming into Auckland

City of Auckland announces Beam granted a licence to operate e-scooters
29 November 2019
The City of Auckland today announced that Beam would be granted a provisional licence to operate e-scooters in New Zealand’s largest city.
Beam, which already operates in Christchurch, will begin operations in Auckland in the coming weeks. Beam will scale up its operations through the new year, increasing numbers on the ground over the first few weeks of operation, bringing the community with it, as it educates them about its service, and showcases the unique attributes of the Beam experience.
“Beam is excited to bring our e-scooters to Auckland. We have been operating in Christchurch since May and have achieved fantastic results for the city, providing safe, affordable convenient rides for the community. We will bring the same focus on public safety, city amenity and partnership with the community to Auckland,” said Christopher Hilton Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Beam.
“In Auckland, we will be launching with the Beam Saturn our next generation e-scooter. What we have seen in Auckland is a need to provide a safe reliable e-scooter for users. This new vehicle coupled with our unique safety programs and class-leading rider insurance demonstrates our determination in making sure every single ride in Auckland is a safe one. ” Mr Hilton said.
Beam’s Saturn e-scooter is designed to deliver safe, tougher and stronger rides, across a diverse range of urban terrains. It features a larger aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame with a bigger, wider base and floorboard, and upgraded 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres which offer improved shock-absorption. Riders will experience a smoother and more stable ride, even on rough surfaces or over speed bumps.
Beam will now operate in Adelaide, South Australia, Bunbury Western Australia, Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand with more announcements before the end of the year about new launch sites, making it the largest e-scooter operator in Australia and New Zealand.

Beam was founded in July 2018 with the vision of making cities flow better for everyone. By providing a range of innovative micro-mobility solutions we believe we can help people get around their cities more easily, encourage greater use of public transit networks, and in so doing, reduce car ridership and the congestion it currently causes. Today we offer e-scooter sharing, but, in the near future, we will also be developing other form factors such as e-bike sharing and e-moped sharing, as well as car-sharing options.

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