New Zealand reaches 500,000 scooter rides

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New Zealand reaches 500,000 scooter rides

Global urban mobility phenomenon Lime is redefining transport in New Zealand, recording more than 500,000 rides and 150,000 active unique riders in just over a month.

Lime’s expedition to New Zealand has quickly proven fruitful, with residents of Auckland and Christchurch embracing not only the premium service but also appreciating the company’s commitment to collecting, charging and maintaining the fleet every night.

Lime Launcher Hank Rowe said the company is looking to expand its services to a number of communities across the country.

“We have received numerous requests for more scooter pilots to be launched and we are in conversation with a number of cities discussing how Lime can benefit their communities,” Mr Rowe said.

“Our rider community has grown exponentially since launch and we want to provide more opportunities for New Zealanders to become part of Lime’s global community.”

The smart mobility company is working closely with local authorities in Auckland and Christchurch to mitigate issues as they arise.

The scooter pilots in both cities have created opportunities for locals to become part of Lime’s global ‘juicer’ community.

Juicers are independent contractors that can earn up to $150 a day collecting scooters and charging them in their homes.

Christchurch based juicer Cam Gallie said he and his partner are juicing scooters to help buy a new house.

“Juicing has been a great way to earn extra income and get closer to buying our new home; we are so close to having enough for our deposit,” Mr Gallie said.

“It is also a fantastic workout!”

Despite the green company’s popularity, safety concerns have been raised, which Lime will address at its first Asia Pacific Safety Summit at Eden Park next month.

“While we take all incident reports seriously, we are glad to say less than 0.05 per cent of Lime rides in New Zealand have resulted in injury,” Mr Rowe said.
“Safety remains our number one priority and we will continue to educate our riders on best riding practices.”

The Summit is part of Lime’s $US3 million investment in reinforcing the importance of rider safety and responsibility through its campaign: ‘Respect the Ride’.

Lime is improving urban mobility and development by making the first and last mile faster, cheaper and healthier for riders.

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