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Stay safe around fireworks

Press Release – Auckland Council

Stay safe around fireworks

Remember: Fireworks are banned in public places across Auckland.

If you’re celebrating Guy Fawkes this year, remember to find a public display or keep fireworks in your backyard – don’t let off fireworks in public places such as parks or beaches, where the activity is banned.

Fireworks can still be let off on private property, but they are banned in public places (such as parks and beaches) across the whole of Auckland.

Fire safety

Always take care when using fireworks and do not use them on dry or windy days, or close to flammable vegetation.

If you are considering having a bonfire in a rural area, you need to ensure that the fire is lit during daylight hours and settled for nightfall and that you use dry and brown vegetation to limit the smoke nuisance.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand advises visiting the “check it’s alright before you light” website for restrictions and fire safety advice.

Keep pets inside or safely confined

“It’s that time of the year when dog owners look to take extra care of their pets as we approach Guy Fawkes,” says Regulatory Committee Chair Councillor Linda Cooper.

“The days surrounding fireworks night are the busiest of the year for the council’s animal management officers out in the field, picking up roaming pets.”

In previous years, the council’s shelters have been full around Guy Fawkes season, with pets often sporting injuries from being so scared and determined to escape the noises. Some pets have been involved in traffic accidents as they tried to find safety.

If you have lost your pet, call Animal Management at 0800 462 685 and try asking on local community Facebook pages and community sites such as Neighbourly or Pets on the Net.

Here are some important tips for dog owners:
• Ensure your dog registration is current and your dog is microchipped as this will assist in your dog being reunited with you as quickly as possible if it strays
• Keep windows and doors closed to minimise the noise and light flashes
• Close the curtains
• Turn on soothing music or the TV to distract your dog
• Walk your dog well before fireworks are likely to start or have a play session to tire your dog out
• Pop your dog out to the toilet before fireworks are likely to start
• If your dog wants to hide inside, let them, this is where your dog feels safe.
Issues around noise

Some noise from fireworks is to be expected during the Guy Fawkes period.

If you notice fireworks being let off on a private property at unreasonable times (after 11pm or very early in the morning), and you know the address of the property, you can call our contact centre on 09 301 0101 and noise control can investigate.

Sale of fireworks

Under government legislation, fireworks are available for only four days prior to Guy Fawkes, so sales will end on the evening of 5 November. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has strict retail requirements and retailers cannot sell to anyone under the age of 18. Additionally, Auckland Council does not permit fireworks sales in public places unless the seller holds a Street Trading licence.

Report an incident

Call 09 301 0101 to report fireworks incidents. If your dog goes missing or you find a lost pet, call Auckland Council’s Animal Management team on 0800 462 685 or report it online.

Remember that your pets need your reassurance, and if you cannot stay home with them, ensure they are safe and very well confined.

Pets that are microchipped and registered have the greatest chance of being quickly reunited with their families in the post-Guy Fawkes recovery.

Public fireworks events

• Sat 3 Nov – Spooks & Sparks Fireworks Display

• Sat 10 Nov – Waiuku Blast to the Past

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