Ratepayers’ Alliance responds to fuel tax vote

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

Ratepayers’ Alliance responds to fuel tax vote
30 April 2018

Ratepayers’ Alliance spokesman Jordan Williams says, “This is a punitive tax that would never have been necessary had Mayor Goff stuck to his promise of finding efficiencies in Council spending.”

“Prior to being elected Goff promised to find 3-6 percent efficiencies in Council spending. To date Mr Goff has achieved 0.3%. The fuel tax is equivalent to 3.9%.”

“Phil Goff should have scrapped his proposed tax the day the Government announced its nation-wide fuel tax to fund transport networks. Instead, motorists are being taxed twice, to pay for buses and trams they never use.”

“So many people used our website to submit against the fuel tax that the Mayor accused us of ‘skewing’ the consultation process, and disregarded the ratepayer submissions. Sadly, Council seems to have bought into the Mayor’s rhetoric that ratepayer voices don’t count.”

“This is a win for special interests and big-spending bureaucrats, and a loss for the hard-working ratepayers of Auckland.”


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