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Towelling it tackles common Summer Irritation

Press Release – Towelling It

Towelling it tackles common Summer Irritation

When Emma Lou first conceived of her business idea she was sitting on a West Auckland beach, covered in sand. Having resigned herself to taking two beach towels with her on beach excursions, Lou was facing the dilemma most Kiwis will face over the coming summer – an undersized beach towel.

From that moment, Towelling it was born.

Lou and her business partner sought to create an extra-large beach towel which emphasised comfort and design.

“Strangely, your stock-standard beach towel is never made at an adequate length for most adult – many of us find our feet or head in the sand”, comments Lou.

Starting with 4 designs, Lou and her business partner sought a supplier who could not only produce the extra-large towels, but could do so using high quality materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

“As a product born out of our love for the outdoors, we wanted to make use of environmentally friendly dyes”, explains Lou.

“After an extensive search, we managed to find a supplier that ticked all the boxes, and allowed us to bring our designs to life with a high quality, eco-friendly product”.

The finished product measures 2m x 1m (the size of a single mattress) and is made from 100% cotton.

Towelling it has found success in the NZ market largely through digital marketing and social media channels.

“Being able to identify and quickly engage with our target market through social media has allowed us to get our product in front of a large number of people, rapidly growing our brand”.

Towelling it now has over 9,000 followers on Facebook, allowing them keep those interested in their product regularly updated with new design concepts, specials and new products.

“For a small start-up like us, cultivating a community who is interested in what we have to offer has been a major part of our products success”.

Towelling it has recently released their brand new range for the upcoming summer. The four new designs are available for purchase through their website.

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