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Gov’t enacts legislation to criminalise peaceful protest

Press Release – Oil Free Wellington

Oil Free Wellington Press Release


Government enacts oppressive legislation to criminalise legitimate peaceful protest

Oil Free Wellington is disturbed to discover that the government is enacting legislation to criminalise protest against the international warships which are coming to Auckland as part of the Weapons Expo in November.

Minister Simon Bridges has enacted legislation declaring the fleet a Major Maritime Event, which will make going within 60m of the warships or 200m of a nearby naval base a crime enforceable by the armed forces.

“The government is committing a disturbing act against the freedom to protest,” says Oil Free Wellington spokesperson James Barber.

“This comes as the government is pushing through a bill which tries to define parts of protest around ships as terrorism. On top of the Anadarko amendment passed years ago it seems this government is trying to protect companies, be they in fossil fuels or weapons, and warships from legitimate peaceful protest.”
Oil Free Wellington sends its support and solidarity to groups like Auckland Peace Action and Peace Action Wellington which are organising resistance and opposition to the warships and weapons companies descending upon Aotearoa in November.


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