Councillors urged to vote down Auckland Plan

Press Release – Tamaki Housing Group

29 July 2016

Sue Henry “The Housing Lobby and Tamaki Housing Group call on all Auckland Councillors to vote down the Proposed Auckland Unity Plan in its entirety.”

“There are no redeeming features in this plan that benefit the communities of Auckland as a whole,” says Sue Henry.

“What appears to be the case is that the hands of the property development companies have been strengthened.”

“We have already seen the devastation in Northern Glen Innes over the past five years, as the experimental ‘pilot project’ for the Auckland region.”

“The long-time existing community of home owners / tenants have been forced out, and their homes have either been land-banked, transferred to development companies, flogged off, or bull-dozed into piles of rubble.”

“What’s worse is that this area, Northern Glen Innes (“A” and “B”), particularly “B” has never been through any Council due process, and was never part of any ‘Special Housing Area’ (‘SHA’).

“The mandate given to property development companies will ultimately destroy local communities from Rodney to Franklin, and bring bonanza profits to developers, speculators and realtors.”

“All with the further blessing of tax-free capital gain.”

Sue Henry

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