Auckland Transport needs to get back in its box

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Auckland Transport needs to get back in its box

Press release: ACT New Zealand
April 29, 2016. 3:40pm

ACT Leader David Seymour is encouraging mayoral candidate Vic Crone’s stand on political billboards. Crone has been forbidden by Auckland Transport to use billboard sites for her campaign by Auckland Transport, even though the sites have already been approved for commercial uses.

“She is absolutely right. Why should candidates not be allowed to use billboard space that would have had some form of billboard anyway?

“Does Auckland Transport think that the Electoral Commission has failed to run democratic elections in New Zealand, and how are they qualified to take over?

“It would be understandable if there was a traffic safety issue, but there is not. Auckland Transport need a reality check, their role in life is to provide transport, not be a kind of local Electoral Commission.

“No wonder there is traffic congestion in Auckland when the agency responsible for transport is so hopeless at focusing on its proper role.”


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