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Zonta International Women in Business Scholarship

Press Release – Zonta International

30 October 2015

Young Christchurch woman, Kathryn Keir, studying at Auckland University, has been named the recipient of a prestigious Zonta International Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship for 2015.

Kathryn is a 3rd year student at Auckland University studying for a conjoint degree in Law and Commerce. Her major field of study is marketing. Kathryn is a top student in her course for every year of her degree. Her lecturers have commented on her exceptional academic skills and her proactive attitude.

”Her exceptional analytical skills, leadership qualities in group work, and outstanding presentation skills and a strong written ability were evident in the Advanced Marketing Research course.”

Kathryn’s goal is to be a business consultant for an international company. She is particularly interested in consulting for not-for-profit organisations involved in conducting micro financing initiatives.

Kathyrn has also made her mark with her volunteer work and academic mentoring. Her work as an Academic Coach for the Learning Collaborative, a not-for-profit student led organisation to provide equitable access to education to high school students in the Auckland area, gives her great satisfaction. She also works as an Auckland Scholar Mentor and a member of the Law School’s Wellbeing Committee.

As a recipient of the Jane M Klausman Women in business Scholarship, Kathyrn is inspired to be an ambassador for change as a woman in the commercial sector. She wants use her knowledge and experience to empower under-privileged women by providing them with opportunities to create successful business ventures using their natural abilities.

Kathryn will work at the law firm of Lane Neave in Christchurch for the summer before returning to complete her studies at Auckland University.

The Zonta International Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarships, first awarded in 1998, are open to women pursuing an undergraduate degree in business leading to a business management career. The $US7000 scholarship is awarded to students of outstanding achievement and future potential in their undergraduate or master’s studies.


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