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Silo Park Season 5 to celebrate people, stories of Auckland

Press Release – Silo Park

Silo Park Season 5 set to celebrate the people and stories of Auckland

Auckland is Aotearoa’s most culturally diverse city, home to people of many cultures and walks of life. The rich tapestry that makes up the fabric of Tāmaki Makaurau involves limitless threads of history, ambition and interest.

For four summers long, Silo Park at Auckland’s revitalised Wynyard Quarter has been a place for Auckland’s people to meet, greet and enjoy summer with a raft of movies, music and markets. This summer, from December until March, sees Silo Park reach a new level with a curated series of activities and entertainment. A community of good times, Silo Park Season 5 celebrates the stories of Auckland City (from all points on the compass) and its people – the people of the park.

Last year 260,000 visitors helped make Silo Park the space of summer. Now in Silo Park’s fifth season, a range of engaging, spirited community happenings will return to the screen and stage. Silo Park classics will continue – with a stream of great Silo Cinema films on Friday nights, curated themed Silo Markets, regular Silo Sessions and music events. However, this season, Silo Park goes above and beyond previous years; with a fresh, broadly inclusive approach inspired by the people of Tāmaki Makaurau.

Silo Park is a place for everyone – Auckland has become increasingly vibrant, diverse, connected and global; and Silo Park is an urban destination where those stories come together. Doors will be opening online, with digital content and opportunities across the website, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and more. Here, you’ll meet local figures and community members from all around Auckland City, sharing their experiences at Silo Park. Because Silo Park is your park, the people’s park and a place to make your own.

Silo Park Season 5 is a reflection of how far Auckland has come in the past five years. Silo Park is welcoming and encouraging community representation of Auckland’s diverse cultures and peoples, with a range of intriguing, exciting and challenging things to do and see, beyond the programme of years past. Beneath Silo7 is an enchanting arbor, where regular rotunda-style community entertainment will take place, harking to the community spirit and history of suburban Auckland. Over in Silo6 is an intimate, unique space, housing community and collective exhibitions from around greater Auckland – and with a cross-pollination of ideas and art, and genuine community events.

A new video series in companionship with Silo Cinema will offer compelling and positive interviews with significant Aucklanders discussing what the past five years of Silo Park and greater Auckland means to them. Keep your eyes on the Silo Park Facebook page for previews and extended interviews – you’ll be inspired and surprised.

This summer, Silo Park will return with the best activities and entertainment yet – with a wide variety of free, accessible, engaging and diverse activities and community celebrations for all of Auckland. The December programme of Silo Park Season 5 will be unveiled on Tuesday 10 November.

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