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New Zealand’s Got Talent: Semi Final Three Perfomers

Press Release – New Zealand’s Got Talent

New Zealand’s Got Talent: Semi Final Three Perfomers

Sunday 3 November at 7.30pm on TV ONE

The third New Zealand’s Got Talent Semi-Final is coming up this Sunday 3 November, with five more talented Kiwi acts competing for public votes to send them through to the Grand Final.

There are now two acts confirmed to progress to the next stage of the competition, and two more from last week’s show are about to be revealed. Then, the following performers will take the stage.

Voting opens at 7.30pm. Who is it going to be this week?

Calista is a 14-year-old singer from Tauranga with a maturity in her voice that blew the judges away. Taking on a huge and soulful song in her audition, “Man’s World” by James Brown, Calista is a born performer. She has taken singing lessons for four years, recently started learning piano, and enjoys acting. She is the vocalist for a band called Chase Replica, who made it to the final of The Battle of the Bands last year. They practice weekly and have performed a number of small gigs, and even enjoyed some radio airplay. Calista is very focused on succeeding and has big plans for the future, she says; “As soon as I leave school I’d like to go to America or London to study performing arts. I intend to make it big.”

Silhouette is a dancing duo from Christchurch who introduced the audience to a unique ballet technique called ‘Adagio’. Kate and Lei’ataua Limuloa have been married for five years and have two small children. Kate is a dance teacher who used to perform with the Royal NZ Ballet, and Lei’ataua works as a courier while also playing rugby for North Otago. When Kate needed to find an Adagio partner who could lift her, he didn’t want to trust it to anyone else! So she began to teach her devoted 6’5” husband to dance, then in just six months he was ready to audition for NZGT.  How far will they have progressed by the Semi Final?

Ethan Scharneck is a self-taught dancer who has been obsessed with Michael Jackson since he was just a toddler. The 10-year-old from Auckland’s North Shore spends hours devouring all of the King of Pop’s tour DVDs and copying his legendary moves to perfection. Ethan and his family (Mum, Dad and older brother) emigrated to NZ five years ago from South Africa. Ethan’s maternal grandmother is back in South Africa and is his greatest fan. She custom-makes all of his fantastic dance costumes, copying MJ’s stage clothing right down to the very last detail – but Ethan-sized! Judge Cris Judd was a lead dancer for MJ in the 1990s, and at Ethan’s audition was delighted to see someone re-creating the moves he knows so well.

Siuleo Vitale is a father of three from Glenfield who impressed everyone with the power of his vocals in his performance of the Tom Jones’ song, ‘Delilah’. Siuleo works as a greeter at Bunnings Warehouse, and dreams of performing on stage and recording music. He moved to NZ from Samoa in 2008 with his wife and three children, to provide a better education for them and to pursue a career in music. Siuleo has spent his whole life singing, especially in church choirs. He also plays the organ at church, and for his NZGT audition he played the keyboard. He’s a family man with a big heart and a big voice!

Cinnamon & Manako are quite possibly the most adorable act in the competition! Cinnamon the Dancing Beagle made the judges all go ‘gaga’ at her audition, where she danced to ‘Call Me Maybe’. Her Mum/dance-partner/coach Manako lives on the North Shore in Auckland, and comes from Japan. She trains six-year-old Cinnamon every single day, having started ‘dog dancing’ classes when she was just two. Once Cinnamon graduated from the course, Manako continued teaching her new routines at home alongside her boy beagle, Mint. In 2011 Manako travelled with her dogs to compete in a dog show, where Cinnamon won the elementary class and Mint came second. The three of them now train at the NZ Kennel Club.

To close the show, this Sunday’s special guest performance is from up-and-coming local talent Ezra Vine. New on the NZ music scene, Ezra’s single ‘Celeste’ is currently enjoying radio play around the country, and can also be heard on TV ONE’s current brand promotions. Listen to ‘Celeste’ here: http://www.ezravine.com [1]

New Zealand’s Got Talent, Sunday 3 November at 7.30pm on TV ONE.


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