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The Bemsha Swing – Objectionist

Press Release – Muzai Records

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The Bemsha Swing – Objectionist

Available online from September 30th 2013.

If performing at the Auckland leg of the Going Global Music Showcase or being played on British radio isn’t enough to warrant your attention, then perhaps this will. Objectionist, a free four-track EP from machine-gun pop duo The Bemsha Swing, released today via the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Four brand new songs from another round of home-recording sessions, many have heard the first track of Objectionist as part of the Cheese on Toast anti-GCSB mixtape with the inclusion of “A Communiqué of Non-Consent.” Other may have heard tracks such as “King Mob” and “Painted Bruises” during their last live set (and consequently will during the band’s South Island shows later this week).

What you may not have heard though is the band “collaborating” with iconic hip-hop artists Public Enemy…

Entering as part of a remix competition held by Public Enemy, the band crafted together “Called It Out”, mashing up the venom of Chuck D with the cynicism of Shane Warbrooke. Self-confessed massive fans and never one to shy away from genre-twisting covers (see: “XXOO”, which MIA’s representatives in New Zealand remarked they enjoyed it), it’s this subverting of the usual which as enamoured and more with the Bemsha Swing’s offbeat charm.

1)      A Communiqué of Non Consent
2)      King Mob
3)      Painted Bruises
4)      Called Out (featuring Public Enemy)


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