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Court says SkyCity can’t flout NZ smoke-free law

Press Release – Green Party

30 September 2013

Court says SkyCity can’t flout NZ smoke-free law

SkyCity’s willingness to push the envelope when it comes to our smoke-free laws got a well-deserved setback, Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said today.

The Cancer Society, the Problem Gambling Foundation and the Salvation Army successfully reviewed the Ministry of Health guidelines that allow SkyCity to operate a smoking area. In a decision released today in the Auckland High Court the Ministry of Health’s Open Areas Calculator was found to be inconsistent with the statutory definition of an open area under the Smoke-free Environment Act.

“The High Court’s decision is good news for both workers at SkyCity and problem gamblers,” Mrs Turei said.

“SkyCity want people to combine their addictions. They want gamblers to stay as long as possible at their machines and spend money without having to consider the consequences.

“It is typical of SkyCity’s corporate culture that while this court case was in progress SkyCity was looking at ways to expand other smoking areas.

“SkyCity has consistently shown itself to be an organisation that is always willing to push New Zealand’s laws and risk its own patron’s health in pursuit of returns for its shareholders.

“This is not an organisation the New Zealand Government should be in partnership with. It is a bad look,” Mrs Turei said.

“Unfortunately the John Key Government is happy to sign up to a dodgy deal with SkyCity and sell our laws in return for an international convention centre.

“SkyCity does not live up to the standard of a company doing business with the Government

“Whenever possible SkyCity will push the boundaries of New Zealand law.

“Any MPs currently supporting this deal need to look at SkyCity’s corporate culture and decide if they want to give this company more opportunities to create harm and misery in our community,” said Mrs Turei.


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