Unitary Plan Goes Behind Closed Doors

Press Release – Simeon Brown

31 May 2013

Unitary Plan Goes Behind Closed Doors

Feedback has closed on the draft Unitary Plan. Thousands have had their say. However, Aucklanders have every reason to be concerned as the process now goes behind closed doors, says Manurewa Local Board member Simeon Brown.

“The process for the consultation on the draft Unitary Plan has been shameful to say the least”. Says Manurewa Local Board Member Mr Brown.

“On one hand we have had a mayor how has said ‘You’ve got your plan right’ and on the other hand we have been told that the Council is open to the communities ideas and feedback.

“On one hand we have been told ‘Mixed Housing’ zoning will only allow for 2 storey development, more recently we have been told it will actually allow for 3 storey’s.

“On one hand we have been told that young people unanimously support the plan, on the other hand, myself as a young person has been raising many concerns along with many other young people across Auckland, most notably the Manurewa Youth Council.

“This process has been a mess and now it will go behind closed doors where the plan will be amended, and with an election just around the corner, who knows what might come out in a couple of months.

“The process must be transparent. People’s concerns must be taken into account, and changes which are made to the plan must be properly explained.

“As a young person who is going to be paying for this plan for the next 30 years, I want to make sure we get it right. This is a plan which all Aucklanders must own, and the best way for that to happen is through transparency and accountability.

“Whether the process is transparent is one thing, however with an election coming up, accountability is another…” Said Mr Brown.


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