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The Nation: Moving National To The Right

Press Release – The Nation

31 MAY 2013
Coming up this weekend on The Nation

• The plot to move National to the right

• What the Greens will do next

• Growing concern in China about our babyfood exports

• Singing in the Maniototo — a poet and a festival.
Moving National to the right

“The Nation” has received a bundle of documents apparently written by Hawkes bay businessman and Naitonal Party member, Simon Lusk.

The documents outline a proposal to replace existing National MPs with “fiscal conservatives” who could help move the aprty to the right.

The plan would be assisted with finance from Americna conservatives.

We have been in touch with Mr Lusk and he says he can’t say naything because he has lost his voice.

And sitting Naitonal MPs who are involved with him have all refused to repsond to our requests for comment. We will name those MPs this weekend.

But w ehave spoken to Prime Minister John Key about Mr Lusk and his reponse will be on the programme.


Chinese babyfood worries.

New Zealand baby food exports are in trouble again in China [1]. 75% of China’s babyfood imports are from New Zealand and babyfood is one of the hottest consumer items in the country. More people are arrested at Hong Kong Airport for illegal babyfood imports than heroin. Chia Watcher Richard Phillips from the University of Auckland knows all about the market and the way it interacts with media and the Government. He will be with Rachel.


What will the Greens do next?

It’s the Greens annual conference this week — meeting in the wake of the Prime MInister calling them “wacky extreme and unusual”. But what do they want? What would their priorities in a Labour/Green Government be? Rachel is with Metiria Turei.


Singing in the Maniototo

Ross McMillan — “Bluejeans” — is an 82 year old legendary bush poet from the Maniototo in Otago. Just one of several old time characters that poet and journalist Richard Langston found when he attended the annual Naseby Bards, Ballads and Bulldust festival. With music from Phil Garland and John Grennell and poetry from Blue Jeans and Brian Turner, Richard spent a weekend wallowing in tales of the gold fields and early high country runs that drew some hard men to this stunning landscape.

Beautifully shot by cameraman Shay Dewey this is a report to watch and absorb and reflect on this country’s colourful past and beautiful present.

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