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  1. Anne R, 9. April 2013, 17:42

    The criminalisation of clients in Scotland has resulted in less safe working conditions for street-based sex workers there. There have been cases where women will get into cars with known rapists because there are so few clients left to choose from.

    If Lole-Taylor’s bill goes through, New Zealand street workers will end up working in isolated areas and will thus have less negotiating power over what services they will or won’t perform etc. And then if they are indeed victimised in a culture with increased risk of rape and violence, they will feel less safe about going to the police for the risk of being treated like a criminal. This bill is an atrocity that will make young girls’ lives harder. Sex work doesn’t go away when you push it underground.

    We’d be better to attack the reasons people get into sex work against their will–among many things, a terrible economy with rising unemployment.

    A thought: when writing an article on sex work it’s kind of bad form/bad journalism to not include perspectives from sex worker organisations like the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective.

  2. Greg Asciutto, 18. April 2013, 12:18

    Thanks for your comments Anne,

    I would agree with your statement that focus needs to be put upon the reasons why sex workers get into the business agains their will. Just to clarify, the NZPC was approached for comments on multiple occasions but simply referred me to a press release from police denying underage prostitution in Otara. I would love to have received some input on the matter.

  3. Sambo, 26. April 2013, 23:35

    Let’s get out of the game of being politically correct.
    One, men like to shag women. Two, they like to shag young women. Some like to shag very young women. Sometimes, if you can’t find what you want, and if there’s girls available, and you can afford to pay for it, you’ll shag whatever you can get. So don’t blame the girls, they’re only supplying to a market that’s already there. It’s been going on for centuries.