Horrific injuries: Rosedale woman killed by two dogs on Redvale property

News from Waitemata Police
The woman whose body was found on a Redvale property on Friday morning was attacked by two large dogs belonging to the owner of the property, say police.

The woman was 31 year-old Chloe Jane Mathewson of Rosedale. Police investigating her death do not believe any other person was physically involved.

Detective Inspector Greg Cramer says Police have evidence that shows she was attacked by two of the three large dogs that belonged to the owner of the property.

“A post-mortem examination carried out yesterday confirmed that Chloe suffered horrific injuries inflicted by the dogs.

“While it’s up to the Coroner to rule on the cause of her death, we’re satisfied she was not injured by any other person.

“It appears she has wandered out of the dwelling and, shortly afterwards, was set upon by two of the dogs.

“Three dogs from the property were destroyed yesterday after being removed by Animal Control staff and the 52 year-old male occupant of the property is still assisting with our investigation.”

Mr Cramer said it was too early to say what the final outcome of the investigation would be and whether or not any charges would be laid at its conclusion.

The matter is now with the Coroner

News from Waitemata Police – March 29
Waitemata Police are investigating the suspicious death of a woman in her twenties whose body was found at a Redvale address early this morning.

Police were called to the property by the male occupant at about 8am. He is now assisting Police with the investigation into the young woman’s death.

Animal Control staff removed three large dogs from the property in the interests of preserving the scene and ensuring the safety of Police and forensic staff involved in the scene examination.

Detective Inspector Greg Cramer says Police hope to remove the woman’s body from the property today and plan to have a post mortem examination carried out tomorrow.

“She did not live at the property and our information is that she was a known visitor to it.”

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  1. Annie, 30. March 2013, 21:31

    I hope that the owner is charged with manslaughter. I have known several ‘rotties’, including a neighbour’s one, and all have been gentle and placid. These must have been trained to be aggressive. I cannot think how this would be done. How can the owner live with himself?

  2. Blair Anderson, 1. April 2013, 17:14

    A bite history would be more revealing than finger pointing. There will be nothing gained from the immediate destruction of these three dogs, one of which by all accounts had nothing to do with what ever triggered this tragic response. I would wait for more facts are available, scene analysis and biopsy, postmortem and witness before too much finger!