Public meeting in Papatoetoe to discuss under-age street prostitution in Otara

Press Release – Auckland Council
An outbreak of under-age street prostitution operating in Otara has shocked Tina Herewini, who has seen everything in 27 years as a Maori Warden. Tina is a lifetime resident of Otara and is well known locally.

She tells her story in the latest issue of “Street Stress”, which covers aspects of street prostitution in the southern communities of Auckland. It is available here.


John McCracken, Chair of Otara Papatoetoe Local Board, also wishes to advise that a public forum will be held in Papatoetoe to discuss street prostitution.

This will be held 6 April.

Guest speakers will be Winston Peters and local MPs Ross Robertson and Asenati Lole Taylor.

Press Release – New Zealand First Party
New Zealand First says the risks and dangers of street prostitution must be addressed for the benefit of both those working in the sex industry and society in general. Social Policy spokesperson Asenati Lole-Taylor says alcohol and drug abuse, poor physical and mental health, and under-age prostitution are rampant among street sex workers.

“So far the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective has received about $8.6 million from the Ministry of Health to help tackle these issues. But there is another way that would prove to be effective.

“Our Prostitution Reform (Control of Street Prostitution) Amendment Bill would ban all street prostitution and confine sex work to brothels.

“Of major concern is the growing prevalence of girls as young as 13 offering themselves for sale on the streets of South Auckland.

“While it is bad enough that for whatever reason underage girls feel they have no choice other than to work as prostitutes, there is another side to the issue.

“If clients of underage prostitutes knowingly engage in sexual activity with them then these lowlifes should be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Mrs Lole-Taylor encourages all those concerned with street prostitution to turn up at Street Prostitution Forum at the Papatoetoe Sports Centre on Sutton Crescent from 10am on Saturday April 6.

“The keynote speaker is New Zealand First leader Winston Peters who, alongside myself, will outline the problems and solutions associated with street prostitution.

“This is the public’s chance to be involved in the debate – so don’t miss out,” says Mrs Lole-Taylor.