Father of woman killed by dogs talks of her addictions, and his “pain and agony”

Press Statement from Jim Mathewson on the death of his daughter Chloe Mathewson
Chloe is our only much loved daughter and sister to Ben. She was a much wanted child. I was present at her birth and gave her her first feed and we bonded forever. We called her Chloe which is Greek for ‘blooming, beautiful’.

Her early years were such a joy and she developed into a tall, beautiful young woman who had such fine personal qualities; she loved people, was sensitive, caring and compassionate, and had a glorious sense of humour, a very capable mind and was gifted in sports and music. Her magnetic personality drew people to her and she inspired other young people to make a difference in their lives. Sadly, she lost her mother to dementia when she was a teenager.

Tragically she looked after everyone but herself. She has had serious addictions which Ben and I have worked to exhaustion to help her overcome. This beautiful young woman, when clean and free from her addictions, would have made a truly positive contribution to our society.

This loss has shattered us and we are in deep pain and agony trying to cope.

We are thankful for the overwhelming support and kindness of people at this difficult time. Thank you so much.