Protestors occupy Sandringham house – campaigning against its sale

Press Release – Vanessa Cole
Protesters occupied a house in Sandringham last night in protest against the selling of two state homes (94 and 96 Haverstack Road), set to be auctioned off this morning at 4 Viaduct Harbour Ave.

State homes are an essential asset to Aotearoa and provide families with shelter and life chances.

This occupation represents the reclaiming of public housing, which is being sold off around New Zealand to private developers, with little solutions to solve the housing crisis. The selling of state homes uproots communities.

Trouble will continue for those that are involved in the selling of state housing.

Supporters are encouraged to come out and support the protestors during the auctioning of the houses this morning at 4 Viaduct Harbour Ave.

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  1. Makelesi Maxine Ngata, 28. February 2013, 17:33

    I toutoko all of what has been said by Vanessa, this is our reality, and this is how it is going to be for many of us. That are going to end up in similar situations; no house no home – last resort what ever HSNZ has is what will be given to the minorities. Human rights being trampled on, families being placed in emergency concrete boxes that are looking more like a concentration camp. When I walk past and see what I see; these concrete units or high rises with families squashed in them and little children have no room whatsoever to run around or play in.