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Speed reading and memory workshop to be held in Auckland

Press Release – Gloo The Memory Company
A speed-reading and memory workshop will be held in Auckland next Tuesday.

Email overload is a serious and growing problem in workplaces all around the country with many of us swamped by the seemingly endless stream of information which we are expected to read and remember each day.

So says Australian Memory Record Holder Chris Lyons who will be in New Zealand next week to run a 1 day workshop showing how you can read faster, remember more and tackle information overload.

“It seems that we are all under increasing pressure these days to get more done in less time and this creates a lot of stress for many people,” said Chris. “The good news is that there are many simple actions anyone can take to tackle information overload and achieve more.”

Chris will share his top speed reading and memory techniques first hand at a special workshop in Auckland on Tuesday 7 August. Attendees will also learn key business skills such as how to remember people’s names and how to deliver talks completely from memory.

The Hidden Advantage Workshop
Auckland – Tuesday 7 August 2012
http://www.gloo.co.nz [1]

Can’t make the workshop? You can also read many of Chris’ top tips and articles online at Gloo The Memory Company’s website http://www.gloo.co.nz [1]

Gloo The Memory Company has been delivering memory skills and speed reading training for organisations, individuals and students since 2004.

In 2006 Chris Lyons doubled the Australian memory record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. In September 2008 Chris correctly memorised 46 people’s names in just 5 minutes to win the Names event at the Australian Memory Championships.

Chris will deliver “The Hidden Advantage Workshop” on Tuesday 7 August at The Grand Chancellor Hotel Auckland Airport. The workshop runs from 0900 to 1700 and includes a 21 Day Online Follow-up Program. For full details and to book simply visit: Gloo The Memory Company http://www.gloo.co.nz [1]

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