Public Address: John Banks in strife

Column – Public Address
#JohnDotBanks and all
Hard News by Russell Brown
So John Banks, helicoptered in to the Act Party, seems set to administer the electoral death blow to that party by virtue of apparent actions committed while he was still a member of the National Party. If I were…

The law may be that stupid
Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler
From the perspective of a lawyer, among the words most misused in the news media may be “loophole”. It tends to be used to describe almost any piece of law that a journalist, or an interviewee, thinks is inconvenient…

Killing Volume
Hard News by Russell Brown
It’s rare for a new print magazine to make itself as much part of the scene as APN’s music mag Volume has done since last September. And rarer yet for a magazine to be yanked after six months in which…

Pinhole Workshop Part II
Capture by Jackson Perry
When you have a crazy idea out loud (i.e. on the Internet), it would be pretty easy to pretend it never happened. Twitter has a delete button after all. But the idea of having a group of people making pinhole cameras out of empty Pringles cans, and then wandering around central Auckland peeling off electrical tape shutters, did really appeal to me. Perhaps more than is healthy…

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