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Council and contractors agree to be co-operative and positive

Press Release – Auckland Council
Auckland Council has signed a memorandum of understanding with the New Zealand Contractors’ Federation and Roading New Zealand, promoting strong and productive working relationships between council and the two representative bodies.

Auckland Council Chief Operating Officer, Patricia Reade, says the agreement is a significant step, formally committing the three organisations to work co-operatively to achieve positive outcomes.

“It is in all of our interests to make sure contracted work is completed successfully, delivers good value for money and results in high quality services and infrastructure for Auckland. This agreement provides a foundation for strengthening the relationships between council and contractors and ensures there will be ongoing collaboration on key issues,” she said.

Contractors’ Federation Chief Executive Jeremy Sole said similar closer working relationships with other organisations have proved very successful for the federation and its members.

“In our experience, a good collaborative relationship between clients and contractors helps avoid the risk of projects becoming disjointed, going over time and budget and potentially resulting in litigation,” he said.

“To that end, we hope this MoU will lead to mutually beneficial policies and principles on procurement and environmental care, along with health and safety, for example. This will, in turn, enable the smoother running of projects, financial efficiencies and the best outcomes for ratepayers.”

Mr Sole said a particular focus for the NZCF is advocating for council procurement practices that enable opportunities for the full spectrum of contractors it represents – large and small, local and national.

Roading New Zealand Chairman Cos Bruyn said a key benefit of having a formal, direct relationship with council will be the improved communication and increased collaboration on issues.

“As a result of what has been agreed in the MoU we will be able to resolve issues more efficiency and effectively, which will deliver value to our members and also to council.”

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