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//Adam Art Gallery PERFORMATIVE LECTURE Louise Menzies Essential Lessons Adam Art Gallery Wednesday 2 March 2011, 6pm Free entry//Adam Art Gallery
Louise Menzies
Essential Lessons
Adam Art Gallery
Wednesday 2 March 2011, 6pm
Free entry

Auckland-based artist Louise Menzies’ lecture will elucidate on the School of Radiant Living, a mid-twentieth-century movement based in Havelock North that taught holistic philosophy, spirituality and physical health. She will draw on the educational material produced by the School including a set of audio recordings of lectures delivered by the School’s leader Herbert Sutcliffe, the journal The Radiant Messenger, as well as her own digressions. Menzies’ performative lecture will focus on the School’s principles of self-education and how these ideals can be located within a broader historical context of alternative living practices during the twentieth century.

A 2011 Victoria University of Wellington Orientation event organised with assistance from the J. C. Beaglehole Room, Victoria University of Wellington Library.

A substantial publication produced by the artist and Clouds Publishing, as an element of Menzies’ project, will be launched in Wellington this May.

Louise Menzies (born 1981, Christchurch) completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington in 2005. She currently works at the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, as a tutor and librarian. Projects include: Whenever it starts is the right time, a residency project at SOMA, Mexico City, 2010; Move Your Arms in Circles, Gambia Castle, Auckland 2009; Balcony Piece, A Centre for Art, Auckland 2009; Gut Feeling, Window, University of Auckland Library, 2009; Another Way There, TCB, Melbourne, 2009; Mushroom Magazine Tribute (with Warren Olds), Artspace, Auckland, 2008; Talking while Swimming, Gambia Castle, Auckland, 2008; Shelter or Marquee, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, 2007; and Love & Exposed: Oriental Bay’s Carter Fountain, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, 2006. She has also participated in group shows such as: Break: Towards a Public Realm, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, 2008, and Landwars, Te Tuhi: Centre for Art, Auckland, 2008.

Long Live the Modern New Zealand’s New Architecture, 1904-1984
Mladen Bizumic From Cube To Ball (Chapter 2)
Lisa Crowley National Projects
Louise Menzies Letters to Students of the Radiant Life
Until Sunday 6 March 2011
Designs for Living is a suite of four exhibitions that revisit twentieth-century modernism as it took shape in New Zealand. Drawing on visual and archival material and our built heritage, these projects seek to document certain features of this important artistic, architectural, social, technological and material legacy.

As a last gesture to the Designs for Living exhibition Hermione Johnson will presents two works at the Adam Art Gallery on Sunday 6 March 2011, 6pm.

Mirrors is a site-specific work written for Mladen Bizumic. It presents a series of chords derived from a fast fourier transformer analysis. It is written for trombone, soprano saxophone, theremin, violin and accordion, each of which will be positioned throughout the gallery. The chords are iterated with shifting duration and spectrum that play against the high resonance of the building, conveying passages of transposition and forms of symmetry.
The performers: Chris Prosser, Tristan Carter (vln), Gerard Crewdson (tb), Jeff Henderson (sax), Nell Thomas (th), Hermione Johnson (acc).

Followed by Drama Study, a solo improvisation on prepared piano given by Hermione Johnson.
Hermione Johnson is a contemporary composer and musician based in Wellington. She has composed music for theatre, film, orchestra, and small ensembles. As a pianist she has appeared with such luminaries as Tetsuya Yoshida, Shoji Hano, Jeffrey Henderson, Sean Baxter, Gerard Crewdson, Richard Nunns and Jonny Marks.

Free entry, all welcome.

Adam Art Gallery
Victoria University of Wellington

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