The Hungry Attic: where memories turn to dust

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BackLit Productions opens the shutters and sheds light onto a magical world, pitching light against dark and good versus evil.The Hungry Attic

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A place where memories are lost and possessions are left to turn to dust.

BackLit Productions opens the shutters and sheds light onto a magical world, pitching light against dark and good versus evil.

Let yourself be taken on an excursion of the Basement Theatre in a collaborative dance event that brings you rousing dance, wit and class, a dash of politics and striking imagery.

In March 2010 Award-winning dance company BackLit Productions will present ‘The Hungry Attic’ at the Basement Theatre in Auckland.

The Hungry Attic is an exploration of light versus dark and attachment versus liberation, expressed in the company’s unique theatrical dance language. ‘The Hungry Attic’ takes the audience on an excursion into the Basement Theatre with surprising use of space. Collaboratively choreographed and danced by eight of the company members this show promises dynamic performance, wit and class and just a dash of politics.

This performance follows on from the company’s acclaimed ‘The Story of Stuff’ (Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall, Tempo 2008) and ‘Made-to-Break’ (TAPAC, Tempo 2009) both which dealt with the topic of consumerism.

In ‘The Hungry Attic’ BackLit pare back this topic and take a look at the most basic of human conflicts, the struggle between light and dark, good and evil, and finding the one thing in life that keeps you going. Shafts of light dissect the space as dancers move over and around boxes that crowd the ‘Attic’, rubber bands snapping against their skin. Dancers battle for possession in aggressive duets, fossilized creatures and lost souls inhabit the dark spaces whilst fragmented images of lost memories emerge.

Having worked together since 2005, Backlit Productions has built a strong stylistic approach to dance with rich costumes, satirical humour and highly technical ensemble work.

Directing ‘The Hungry Attic’ is Shannon Mutu and Janine Parkes. Janine Parkes says of the process of creating the show:

“For ‘The Hungry Attic’ the company has returned to their style of collaborative choreography. This way of working is what excites and inspires the company the most, producing dance material that is altogether more fascinating and challenging for the audience.”

For all lovers of all Contemporary Art, music and dance, this show promises to be at the cutting edge of new arts practice.

9th – 12th March 2010, 8pm
The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland City
Bookings through:
Tickets: $20/$15 ENDS

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