Big Day Out 2010 The Official First Announcement

Press Release – Big Day Out

As 2010 looms on the horizon like a sci-fi sequel it’s time to announce what’s confirmed for the next instalment of travelling mayhem known as the Big Day Out. This time around we intend to deliver a monster series of shows designed to put a …
Big Day Out 2010 The Official First Announcement

As 2010 looms on the horizon like a sci-fi sequel it’s time to announce what’s confirmed for the next instalment of travelling mayhem known as the Big Day Out.

This time around we intend to deliver a monster series of shows designed to put a smile on your face. The biggest party in the world featuring what we believe is one of our strongest line-ups ever.

In keeping with the Big Day Out tradition of presenting dynamic emerging acts as well as the world’s most significant artists across many musical styles, we are very proud to welcome back the hottest band currently on the planet to close our 2010 event: Muse.

So from all at BDO to music fans far and wide, we would like to present to you our first round of incredible artists.

It’s looking like a great summer.

Or as Calvin Harris would say ‘ these are the good times in your life, so put on a smile and it will be alright’.

So here we are again…

Resistance is futile. The invasion has begun. MUSE are taking over BIG DAY OUT 2010. Their weaponry is advanced beyond our planet’s understanding – the most symphonic, intergalactic, bombastic, futuristic, astral-travelling musical arsenal the universe has ever heard. Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme may be just three men, but with MUSE they have built a rock galaxy all their own, from the ambitious baby steps of Absolution, to the super-massive heights of Black Holes and Revelations and the mind-blowing enormity of The Resistance. What on earth (and beyond) do they have in store for BIG DAY OUT this summer? You wouldn’t believe us if we told you…

Strap yourself in, hold on, and feel free to scream. Few musical experiences match the roller coaster ride that is THE MARS VOLTA, and in 2010, they’ll loop the loop at BIG DAY OUT for the third time. For the past eight years, composer and guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala have followed their muse in experimental, boundary-breaking and virtuoso directions. Their fifth album, Octahedron, is the latest step in the evolution of one of the most exotic rock bands on the planet. THE MARS VOLTA’s journey continues at BIG DAY OUT 2010.

She’s brash, she’s bold, she’s magnificently mouthy, she’s the one and only LILY ALLEN and she’s bound to be the talk of BIG DAY OUT 2010. A rebellious national treasure in her British homeland, ALLEN has been adopted Down Under too, her second album It’s Not Me, It’s You owning the charts in 2009. From LDN to The Fear, she mixes sunshine with sass, social commentary with sardonic two-fingered salutes. She’s a pop queen for the 21st century, and she’s still not turned 25. When LILY ALLEN talks, BIG DAY OUT listens.

It’s been called “Prodigy meets Bob Marley” when the heavy roots rock fusion of the seriously bro-powered KORA turn things to eleven any time they get onstage. Honing their gold selling albums into one of the most ferociously rocking shows on the planet with a constant demand for their performances not only on both sides of the Tasman but now hugely sought after in Europe too, KORA have been touring extensively over the past two years. Along the way they’ve even inspired UK electronic legends Cabaret Voltaire to come out of hiding with the album remix project Kora Kora Kora but it is on the BIG DAY OUT stage where we will see KORA’S own deep space explorations really take off. Can’t wait!

Picture yourself, arms in the air, jumping in unison: you’re Superstylin’. Picture yourself, swaying as a trombone wails: you’re At the River. Now picture yourself in a state of musical euphoria… You’re at BIG DAY OUT 2010 and GROOVE ARMADA have taken over. Brit beat masters Andy Cato and Tom Findlay know how to put on a party. And they’ll be doing just that Down Under this summer, previewing songs from their forthcoming, harder-edged album Black Light. With their new frontwoman Saint Saviour getting rave reviews, one of the greatest live dance music shows ever to grace a stage just got even better. See GROOVE ARMADA in their element at BIG DAY OUT.
At the 2007 BIG DAY OUT, they were upstart show-stealers. In 2010, KASABIAN return as kings, ready to rule BIG DAY OUT with a glam stompin’ rock fist. The Leicester lads have dropped Processed Beats, built a future-rock Empire, and now they’ve taken over the West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum and set the place on Fire. KASABIAN are cocky, cool, and here to rule. Bow down before the kings of indie rock swagger at BIG DAY OUT 2010.

After three UK No.1 singles and a string of festival triumphs, DIZZEE RASCAL was officially the feel good hit of the UK summer. Now it’s the Southern Hemisphere’s turn, with DIZZEE heading Down Under to drive BIG DAY OUT 2010 bonkers. He broke out of East London’s grime scene with the Mercury Music Prize-winning Boy in da Corner in 2003. Now he’s gone overground with his party album, Tongue n’ Cheek, home to massive hits Dance Wiv Me, Bonkers and Holiday. Get loose, let go, throw a coupla shapes and get ready to dance wiv DIZZEE RASCAL at BIG DAY OUT.

For basketball fans like young Sam Hansen (aka PNC), the rookie card of a future superstar was the card that collectors wanted to have. And likewise, PNC’s stunning hip-hop debut Rookie Card, produced by Dirty Records svengali P Money, is an album that marks the true arrival of a kiwi hip-hop superstar in the making. PNC’s fluid lyrical flow marks him out as comfortable delivering club style bangers or getting political on the case. Brought up half-Samoan in a single parent household in small town NZ, PNC brings a distinctly uplifting local sensitivity to his rhymes. Guests rolling on his album include Scribe and Che Fu, showing that a lot of brothers are keen to see this incredibly talented young man make it to join them at the top.

Girls will curtsey and boys will bow down to the empress of electro, PEACHES, at BIG DAY OUT 2010. In your face, deliciously dirty, avant-garde and backed by a cracking three-piece band, Canadian minx PEACHES will have all your senses tingling naughtily as she fires off club throbbers, techno thumpers and rock torpedoes from her latest electro-pop classic I Feel Cream. “She’s rude, lewd and she needs her mouth washed out with a large bar of soap” (, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Surrender to the force of nature that is PEACHES at BIG DAY OUT this summer.

Who’s the lady who set the world alight with Paris is Burning? LADYHAWKE. Who’s the lady melding “the best aspects of powerful ’80s synth and enough rock grit to appease both the kids who breakdance and the kids who break hearts” (Chart Attack, September 2009)? LADYHAWKE. Who’s the lady who’ll have BIG DAY OUT 2010 in a state of delirium? You know it – LADYHAWKE. From Wellington to London via Melbourne, Pip Brown’s musical journey is a tale of big tunes, pop flashbacks and ice-cool charisma. Take flight with LADYHAWKE at BIG DAY OUT.

There is only one option. When GIRL TALK hits the Boiler Room at BIG DAY OUT 2010 you will party, or you will party. Here’s how it will go: GIRL TALK (aka Gregg Gillis from Pittsburgh) will crack open his laptop. His unique style of jump up, get down, freak out, sample-savvy collages – co-opting everything from hip hop to Top 40 – will burst out of the speakers. Soon enough, GIRL TALK will be surrounded by a sea of dancing punters having a seriously good time. As GIRL TALK says, “I try to make my shows a rowdy event.” And there you’ll be, in the middle of all the rowdiness, doing what, exactly? There is only one option: come party with GIRL TALK at BIG DAY OUT this summer.

A decade into the DIMMER project, Shayne Carter has assembled another crack line-up of musicians around a catalogue of songs now overloading at its seams with the addition of his acclaimed fourth album release, Degrees of Existence. The raw, insistent drive of tracks like ‘Degrees’ and ‘Cold Water’ has seen plenty of critics and fans warm to this one like its a return to Carter’s guitar slinging days in the legendary Straitjacket Fits. And it’s true that the DIMMER battleship has turned many ways in its existence but is well and truly focused on delivering full throttle power in its current incarnation. A seasoned rhythm section that can steam funkily when required but also gives the machine-like throb to power many DIMMER tunes works its way towards the onrushing release of Carter and James Duncan’s mental guitar notes and the howling melodies of his songs… DIMMER are in their most exciting form ever. As RCRDLBL said, “like Radiohead if they just loosened up and wrote a rock song”.

Don’t just sit there. Get up. Raise your voice. Throw a fist in the air. Stand up and be counted with RISE AGAINST at BIG DAY OUT 2010. Chicago’s melodic hardcore heroes RISE AGAINST will carry on the proud tradition of protest punk with a set as politically-minded as it is musically punchy. Their latest album Appeal to Reason is “about reaching people and challenging their ways of thought,” says frontman Tim McIlrath. If you’re up to the challenge, join RISE AGAINST as they give it all, and then some, at BIG DAY OUT this summer.

BIG DAY OUT dares you to look into the eyes of the band that’s changing the face of metal: MASTODON. Four Southern gents from Atlanta, Georgia, MASTODON have spent 10 years melding brains with brawn, technical proficiency with sheer ass-kicking thunder. They have become, so says Rolling Stone, nothing less than “the most important new band in metal”. Armed with their fourth album Crack the Skye, MASTODON will make the earth rumble under the feet of BIG DAY OUT 2010.

BIG DAY OUT 2010 welcomes you aboard the “mesmerizing live juggernaut” (FasterLouder) that is KARNIVOOL. Few bands inspire the reverence, the loyalty and the sheer jaw-dropping, ear-popping awe of Perth’s heavy, progressive, alt-rock prodigal sons. A gold certification in Australia for second album Sound Awake is evidence of their growing stature – a band “too big and too beautiful to be contained” (Beat, July 2009). From Ian Kenny’s skyscraping voice to Steve Judd’s pile-driving drums, KARNIVOOL offer an earth-quaking musical experience that swallows everything in its path. Be consumed at BIG DAY OUT.

Out of the darkness and into the blinding sunlight, THE HORRORS will cut a captivating figure on stage at BIG DAY OUT 2010. Only two and a bit years since a wave of hype greeted their debut album Strange House, THE HORRORS have evolved beyond expectations with their Mercury Music Prize-nominated second album Primary Colours. A mess of sharp elbows, big hair, feedback and monochrome clothes, THE HORRORS will give us a glimpse of the flamboyant future of British rock at BIG DAY OUT.
It was as a gifted songwriter, winning an international competition at the tender age of 16 that New Zealander GIN WIGMORE first came to everyone’s attention but it’s with the power of her raspy vocals that she cements her place in your ears. GIN’S brilliant early recordings earned her an Australian record deal that she stacked into an international one with Universal Motown and then took the chance to make a debut album in LA with the Cardinals as her backing band. And now having lent that voice to one of the biggest kiwi songs of all time by singing the chorus to Smashproof’s “Brother”, GIN’S ready to deliver the quality goods of her own. Get ready for the aptly named debut album Holy Smoke. One listen will have you agreeing with what Perez Hilton blogged when he saw her play – “her voice is quirky and intoxicating, her tunes fun and charming.” And as she lines up at the BIG DAY OUT, her infectious uplifting presence promises to be a local highlight of the day.

We are super-excited to welcome back POWDERFINGER to the BIG DAY OUT 2010. It’s been an almost three-year wait between albums for ’FINGER fans, and a five-year wait between BIG DAY OUTs. But the drought breaks this summer with Golden Rule, the long-awaited new album, home to snapping, snarling, upbeat single All the Dreamers. Since first playing BIG DAY OUT in 1994, POWDERFINGER have become one of our all-time favourite BDO Aussie visitors. They’re a rocking band with a never-ending supply of anthems: My Happiness, DAF, On My Mind, Like a Dog, Pick You Up, Lost and Running… So raise your voices as one when BIG DAY OUT 2010 brings you POWDERFINGER.

You might be ready for the weekend, but are you ready for CALVIN HARRIS at BIG DAY OUT 2010? The Scottish super-producer/DJ/chart-topping pop star is a one-man hit-making machine: I’m Not Alone, Acceptable in the ’80s, The Girls, Ready for the Weekend and his smash Dizzee Rascal collaboration, Dance Wiv Me. On stage, these songs become hands-in-the-air anthems, with HARRIS fronting a live band that he calls “even more rocking than the tunes”, while he’s out front “working the stage like a true rock star” (inthemix). People get ready: you don’t wanna miss CALVIN HARRIS at BIG DAY OUT this summer.

New Zealand will experience THE DECEMBERISTS’ unique brand of theatrical indie folk for the very first time at BIG DAY OUT 2010. The Portland, Oregon five-piece have been crafting their baroque brand of prog pop since the turn of the century, releasing five albums, winning a torrent of critical praise and doing battle with Stephen Colbert (YouTube it). A band of vagabonds led by singer/songwriter Colin Meloy, THE DECEMBERISTS finally reach our shores on the back of their latest album, The Hazards of Love. Take a look inside a fascinating and fanciful career when THE DECEMBERISTS tell their story for the first time at BIG DAY OUT.

How does a band follow up a multi-platinum album and a triumphant run on the 2007 BIG DAY OUT? If you’re ESKIMO JOE, you go home to Fremantle, take off the rock star gear, get back to reality, create your most powerful album yet in Inshalla, see it rock the charts, then sign on for a triumphant run on BIG DAY OUT 2010. Black Fingernails, Red Wine catapulted Freo lads Kav, Stu and Joel up the rock ladder; Inshalla is looking to take them even further. This is music made to fill the wide open spaces of BIG DAY OUT: “The choruses are huge; the arrangements are ambitious,” says the Sydney Morning Herald. “Epic choruses, experimental sounds, wailing guitar heroics,” adds Rolling Stone. Epic, huge and heroic? That sounds like ESKIMO JOE at BIG DAY OUT.

There’s a buzz in the air at BIG DAY OUT 2010, and it can be directly traced to one of the most buzzed-about bands of the past year, THE TEMPER TRAP. This young Melbourne foursome with a knack for heavenly, epic pop and a live show euphoric enough to make a heart skip a beat, already have half the world under their spell. A single as unforgettable as Sweet Disposition will do that. A debut album that soars, jangles, ebbs and flows like the acclaimed Conditions will do that too. Led by the angelic, soulful voice of Dougy Mandagi, THE TEMPER TRAP will hit the sweet spot at BIG DAY OUT this summer.

MINUIT, the Kiwi band with the French name, are jigglin’ hips in Berlin and beyond with their new album, Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death dot com. It weaves its way into the vibrant underbelly of a world you’d usually have to apply for a visa for as the coy persona of enigmatic front woman Ruth Carr ignites and intrigues, while band mates Ryan Beehre and Paul Dodge deliver an inventive indie arsenal which never loses sight of the desire to create fantastic songs. Having embarked on three ribcage rattling OEs, this live indie-electronic three-piece have crunched hi-end PAs in Berlin, Finland, Russia, Fabric, London and LA. Like any live band, you need to hear it AND see it to truly get it. The Crystal Method rated MINUIT’S last set in the Big Day Out Boiler Room as the highlight of their day. However, in recent times you’re more likely to have seen MINUIT play a club in Berlin than in New Zealand, as they tour far flung venues from St Petersburg to the Czech Republic; from storming The Crystal Method’s DJ night in Los Angeles to playing the hotel where Tarantino wrote Pulp Fiction in Amsterdam; to headlining the recent Hanoi International Music Festival in Vietnam. We’re proud to have them back.

An album called Hello-fi is the intriguing and long overdue full introduction to the completely mad musical world of Mr JAMES DUNCAN. It’s also been the justifiable critical and alternative radio hit of the year in New Zealand for a man who up to this point has been mostly recognised for his contributions to bands including SJD, Dimmer and Punches, plus a scorching little taster of an EP on the Round Trip Mars label. Carefully blending electronics and instrumental textures into a delightful palette of tunes, Hello-Fi is a star speckled piece of genius. With more toe tingling moments than a tickle up from an octopus, and infectious tunes so solid you could build a house on them, Hello-Fi has got it going on in spades. JAMES has now headed back to the workshop to knock up a suitably bonkers band capable of bringing these tunes to the BIG DAY OUT stage and we are about as excited as we could be to see how that turns out.

THE CHECKS’ yelping teenage energy and genuine rock’n’roll smarts saw them burst onto the scene a few years back and the UK certainly took the kids from Auckland’s North Shore to their hearts with bucketloads of press type gush coming their way from the likes of NME. And for once, we’d like to say, the hype was justified, because if you wanted to see a bunch of kids surging with the power to testify, it was THE CHECKS bounding onto the stage and laying waste with teenage anthems like ‘Tired of Sleeping’. Now onto their second album, Alice By The Moon, one listen to the assured swagger of singles like ‘You and Me’, with its intoxicating air of rock power, shows that the album is, as a happy US blogger recently wrote, “solid rock and roll with just enough swampy dirt to suck you in and just enough hooks to pull you back out again. Crunching guitars and creeping beats that have look to put Alice By The Moon on my year’s best albums list so far. For reals.”

Stay tuned for the second announcement of artists coming soon!

BIG DAY OUT 2010: Muse, The Mars Volta, Lily Allen, KORA, Groove Armada, Kasabian, Dizzee Rascal, PNC, Peaches, Ladyhawke, Girl Talk, Dimmer, Rise Against, Mastodon, Karnivool, The Horrors, Gin Wigmore, Powderfinger, Calvin Harris, The Decemberists, Eskimo Joe, The Temper Trap, Minuit, James Duncan, The Checks and many more to be announced




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