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Containers and debris floating near Rena; navigation warnings issued

News from Bay of Plenty Regional Council
Floating containers have been located to the northwest of the Rena. A large amount of debris has also been sighted downwind of the vessel. It is likely debris will come onto the beaches later today. Read more »

Rena being prepared for severe bad weather; ship remains fragile but stable

Rena on January 5 – Photo: Maritime NZ

News from Maritime NZ
Salvors are preparing the Rena for severe bad weather this weekend, with a low pressure system now expected to arrive on Saturday evening, carrying through to Sunday, with the worst weather now expected on Monday. This is forecast to result in a maximum wave height of 6-7m, which is among the worst weather to be forecast so far. Read more »

Rena update: 167 containers removed, 1115 still to go

Press Release – Maritime New Zealand
Salvors on board the crane barge Smit Borneo hope to this afternoon begin removing containers from the Rena, weather and other conditions permitting. Read more »

Low-risk but … 21 more dangerous containers identified below decks on Rena

News from Maritime NZ
Maritime New Zealand has been advised by insurers acting for the charterers of the Rena (Mediterranean Shipping Company) there are a further 21 containers containing dangerous goods on board the ship. This is in addition to the 11 containers of dangerous goods already advised. Read more »

Environmental impact of Rena dispersants to be known by Christmas

Press Release – Waikato University
Waikato Professor Waikato University’s Chair in Coastal Science Professor Chris Battershill says the upcoming months will reveal the true environmental impact of the dispersants used during the Rena oil spill. Read more »

95 of Rena’s containers removed; ship’s rear profile is changing

News from Maritime NZ
Salvors suspended operations alongside the Rena this afternoon because of deteriorating weather. Five more containers were removed today. The total removed is now 95, which has considerably altered the rear profile of the Rena.

Read more »

Back to the sea: 49 little blue penguins released after rescue from Rena oil spill

News from Maritime NZ
Forty-nine little blue penguins were released on the beach at Mount Maunganui this morning, marking the first major release of wildlife from the oil spill in a programme which will continue for the next few weeks. The release was watched by 350 people. The birds have been micro-chipped and will be monitored to see whether the spill affects their long-term health.

The Director of Maritime NZ, Catherine Taylor, today thanked the National Oiled Wildlife Response Team for their contribution. The team is trained, managed and coordinated by specialists at Massey University. In addition to Massey staff, the NOWRT consists of other wildlife specialists and coordinators from the regions. This team is under contract to MNZ to provide an oiled wildlife response in the event of a marine oil spill. Read more »

After 6 days, 70 containers lifted off Rena, but the task is getting complicated

News from Maritime NZ
Despite working in winds occasionally gusting above 40 knots, salvors have today removed 21 containers from the stern of the cargo vessel Rena, taking the total number of containers removed to 70. Containers landing ashore at the Port of Tauranga are being processed by the container recovery company Braemar Howells. Read more »

Pumping of oil from Rena nearing an end: next, they have to move 1200 containers

The tanker Awanuia was released this afternoon, leaving the GoCanopus in position to receive the last oil from Rena. Photo LOC

News from Maritime NZ
The crane barge Sea Tow 60 will be heading out of the Port of Tauranga tomorrow morning to position itself next to the grounded container ship Rena in readiness for starting the container removal phase of the response operation. Almost all of the bulk heavy fuel oil has now been removed from the ship and pumped to the oil tanker Awanuia, which today returned to the Port of Tauranga. Read more »

At last: continuous pumping is moving the last oil from Rena – 300 tonnes to go

News from Maritime NZ
Oil is now being continuously pumped at a stable rate from the submerged number 5 starboard fuel oil tank on the grounded container ship Rena. Pumping began at 6pm last night. As at 3pm today, around 54 tonnes of heavy fuel oil from the tank had been transferred to the adjacent oil tanker Awanuia. This leaves around 300 tonnes of oil still to be pumped off the ship to empty the final and most challenging tank. Read more »

Lubricating oil pumped from Rena; 358 tonnes of fuel oil still to be removed

News from Maritime NZ
Salvage teams have been pumping 22 tonnes of lubricating oil out of the Rena’s engine room onto the barge Awanuia today. This work is progressing alongside preparations to extract the remaining 358 tonnes of heavy fuel oil from the vessel’s submerged starboard wing tank. Read more »

Oil and lube again being pumped from Rena; plans to move containers soon

News from Maritime NZ
Salvage teams on board the cargo vessel Rena today resumed pumping of oil off the ship. After bad weather stopped work on Monday, teams returned on board on Wednesday and re-established fuel removal systems. Read more »

More charges, with tougher penalties, against Rena master and second officer

News from Maritime NZ
Further charges have been laid by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) against the Master and Second Officer of the Rena, following the ship’s grounding on Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga on 5 October. Read more »

Rena intact after stormy night

News from Maritime NZ
An observation flight this morning has confirmed no visible further damage to the cargo vessel Rena overnight. Read more »

“We are preparing for the worst:” stormy seas cause more damage to Rena’s hull

News from Maritime NZ
The salvage team monitoring the effect of high sea swells on the grounded cargo vessel Rena has confirmed overnight damage to the hull. They report further buckling on the starboard side, just forward of the bridge.

“The situation is looking increasingly precarious and we are preparing for the worst,” said salvage unit manager Bruce Anderson. “The worst of the weather is due to hit around midnight tonight.”
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More oil on shores of Matakana Island, new clean-up efforts begin

Press Release – Maritime New Zealand
Iwi and New Zealand Defence Force personnel will this morning focus clean up efforts on Matakana Island, after reports of more oil arriving on shore. Read more »

More than 1000 tonnes of oil pumped from Rena, only 360 tonnes to go

News from Maritime NZ
More than 1000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil has now been pumped from the stricken container vessel Rena, leaving about 360 tonnes left to be removed from the starboard 5 tank. Read more »

“Marathon, not sprint;” more volunteers needed to clean up Bay of Plenty beaches

News from Maritime NZ
More volunteer clean ups of the coastline have been organised for today. “It looks like its going to be a beautiful day in the bay, so it would be fantastic to see as many people out there as possible to give us a hand,” said Maritime NZ’s on-scene commander Nick Quinn.

He also reiterated previous requests for the public not to drive on the beaches or in the sand dunes. “Vehicles make the matter worse because they spread contamination from oil on their tyres, creating secondary oiling, and they compress surface oil into the sand where it gets buried. By driving through sand dunes to avoid getting oil on their vehicles, drivers are threatening an already fragile ecological environment.”

News from Maritime NZ – October 29
More volunteers are being called on to support the Rena oil spill response effort, with four cleanup events carried out today on Bay of Plenty beaches. Read more »

Another container ship in trouble off Tauranga, refloated after hitting rocks

News from Maritime NZ at 11.40am
A small container ship struck the north-west rocks at the entrance to Tauranga Harbour this morning, the Regional Harbourmaster has confirmed. The Schelder Trader is now safe and securely anchored and is not aground. There are no reports of injuries, damage to the vessel or any oil spill. Read more »

Past halfway: 882 tonnes of oil pumped from Rena; two of five tanks now empty

News from Maritime NZ
A total of 882 tonnes of oil had been pumped off the Rena at 2pm this afternoon. This leaves 515 tonnes still to be removed. Two of the ship’s five fuel tanks are now empty and pumping is continuing from tanks in the engine room. Read more »

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