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Increased levels of contamination on reef near wreck of Rena; testing to continue

News from Environment Bay of Plenty
Further sampling is a priority for Rena Recovery scientists who have confirmed there are elevated levels of contaminants close to the Rena wreck on Otaiti (Astrolabe Reef). The Rena Recovery monitoring team has recently gained greater access to the reef following over a year of dangerous salvage operations restricting access. Read more »

The fate of the Rena: no decision yet on whether wreck will stay on reef

News from Bay of Plenty Regional Council
Any decision to leave the wreck of the cargo ship Rena on Otaiti (Astrolabe) Reef off the Tauranga coast would require a full resource consent process, Bay of Plenty Regional Council says. Read more »

Rena’s owners to pay $27.6m to settle claims for costs of last year’s shipwreck

News from Maritime New Zealand
The New Zealand Government and Daina Shipping Company (owner of the MV Rena) have reached a comprehensive financial settlement in respect of matters arising from the ship’s grounding on 5 October 2011. Read more »

First anniversary of Rena disaster; support for two restoration projects

News from World Wildlife Fund
WWF-New Zealand is marking next week’s first anniversary of the Rena shipping disaster by announcing its support for two important projects to help with the continuing work to restore the Bay of Plenty. Read more »

Rena keeps shrinking, 575 tonnes of steel removed

News from Maritime NZ
Salvage (Resolve Salvage & Fire)
• Good progress continues to be made reducing the bow section of the Rena – with in excess of 140 tonnes of steel removed over the last week. Read more »

Rena response inquiry should now start

Press Release – Environmental Defence Society
The Environmental Defence Society has called for a start to the promised inquiry into the response to the Rena disaster. Read more »

MNZ welcomes sentencing of Rena officers

Press Release – Martime New Zealand
The Master and Second Officer of the cargo vessel Rena were today sentenced on a total of 11 charges laid by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) following an investigation into the ship’s grounding on the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga on 5 October. Read more »

Deterioration of Rena continues; bulkhead now open to the sea

News from Maritime New Zealand
An over flight by MNZ yesterday morning noted damage to the Rena’s forward section bulkhead between No 2 and No 3 hold. It was evident that the bulkhead on the port side had failed and was open to the sea. This is expected given the gradual deterioration of the wreck and its exposure to the elements. Read more »

IMAGES: Stern section of Rena sinks in rough seas; more oil spilling

News from Maritime NZ
The aft section of the Rena has now sunk due to ongoing rough seas pounding the weakened structure. This was confirmed during a second overflight of the vessel about 4pm yesterday. (Today’s photos by Maritime NZ.)

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Rena accident report says master saw echo on radar before hitting reef

Press Release – Transport Accident Investigation Commission
The Transport Accident Investigation Commission has this morning released an interim report of its independent inquiry into the grounding of the container ship Rena on Astrolabe Reef, in the Bay of Plenty, at 2.14am on 5 October. Read more »

Rena container removal continues in calm seas; wild life facility closing

Press Release – Maritime New Zealand
Nineteen containers were removed from Rena’s bow yesterday. Salvors will continue to take advantage of fine weather and relatively calm seas to progress work on the wreck. They are planning to remove further containers from the bow today. Read more »

Two containers pulled from Rena

News from Maritime NZ
Two empty Rena containers were pulled from the vessel by tug into the sea today, then lifted by crane onto the recovery barge. The different method was used because the Rena bow’s position on Astrolabe Reef means the Smit Borneo cannot get close enough to the port side for the crane to lift off some containers. Read more »

Divers assessing Rena wreckage and deciding: what to do next?

News from Maritime NZ
Divers today continued a full assessment of the state of the wreck of the Rena – its stability on the reef and general condition – as the first stage of working out what to do next. Read more »

New threat to wildlife on Matakana Island – 17 tonnes of tiny plastic beads from Rena

A container holding 17 tonnes of tiny plastic beads is causing a new environmental threat on Matakana Island. Beads which have spilled on to the island’s beach are a threat to wildlife if they are eaten. Read more »

Oil slick 4km long stretching northeast of Rena; booms placed to protect beaches

An oil slick four kilometres long was this morning stretching northeast of the Rena. It is likely to come ashore east of Maketu this evening.

Booms being prepared to protect Maketu from oil slick. Photo: Maritime NZ.

Booms have been put in place to protect sensitive areas in Maketu, Little Waihi and Waitahanui.
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Wave surges stopping divers from assessing damage to Rena’s submerged stern

News from Maritime NZ
Swells around the Astrolabe Reef are continuing to prevent salvors from diving on the wreck to assess the damage caused through Rena’s break-up and partial sinking of the stern.
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ALL THE IMAGES: Stern of Rena slips off reef, 75% submerged, new oil leak

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News from Maritime NZ
Most of the stern section of the MV Rena has slipped off the Astrolabe Reef.

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At 10.38am, the foremost part of the stern was still sticking up out of the water, with the rest – including the bridge – submerged. The bow section remains unchanged in place on the reef. Read more »

Normal shipping movements continue at Port of Tauranga – with extreme caution

News from Port of Tauranga
Since the aft section of the Rena sank on the reef this morning, we have not yet heard back from the Harbourmaster on the recommended shipping route to the port.

Normal shipping movements are continuing. Ships arriving and departing the port should exercise extreme caution and maintain a vigilant lookout. Read more »

40 Rena containers seen in water, but Tauranga shipping not yet affected

Report from BusinessDesk by Nick Gray
Port of Tauranga operations haven’t been disrupted yet by the potential shipping hazard of up to 300 containers washed overboard when the Rena split in two, says chief executive Mark Cairns. Read more »

PHOTOS: Rena splits in two after being battered by seven metre waves

Photos above from Maritime NZ

The Rena has now split into two sections on the Astrolabe reef off the coast of Tauranga. Read more »

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