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Two Mayors of Auckland

Opinion – Adrian Maidment

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Three storeys for ‘mixed housing’ changes everything

Opinion from Councillor Cameron Brewer
News that three-storey apartments are possible in the expansive “mixed housing” zone may be the final nail in the coffin of the Mayor’s ill-fated draft unitary plan. Read more »

List of ‘myth-busters’ – a last attempt to deflect opposition to plan

Opinion by David Thornton of No More Rates
Auckland Council’s list of ‘myth-busters’ will not fool ratepayers into accepting the flawed and controversial draft Unitary Plan which the Council wants to take immediate legal effect when it is notified shortly after 18th September. Read more »

Myth busting: 12 myths about the city’s Unitary Plan

Press Release – Auckland Council
Mis-information being spread about the draft Auckland Unitary Plan is causing misunderstanding and unnecessary concern amongst our communities. Read more »

Len Brown “taking wider, pragmatic view” of Convention Centre deal

Opinion from Councillor Cameron Brewer
Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s support of the proposed $402m New Zealand International Convention Centre announced by the Government and SkyCity this morning will rile a lot of his own supporters. However Mr Brown’s taking the right position given the significant economic benefits it will bring the city and country. Read more »

No need to rush the Unitary Plan – time to start listening to communities

Opinion from Councillor Cameron Brewer
Auckland Council’s agreement with the Government to allow for fast-tracking to free up more land for housing in strategic parts of Auckland means the Mayor no longer needs to push for his draft unitary plan to be notified and given instant legal weight in September. Read more »

A clue to an alternative to Auckland’s Unitary Plan

Opinion from David Thornton
Mayor Len Brown wants a quality compact city to meet a possible population growth of one million people in 400,000 new homes. And he wants that city to be the world’s most liveable city. His plan relies largely on increasing the current density in most parts of Auckland to accommodate 700,000 new residents in 280,000 new homes. Read more »

Why secrecy? What was the cost of public transport to the V8s?

Opinion by Councillor Cameron Brewer
Despite all the hype to catch the train or a bus to the V8s in Pukekohe last month, only about nine percent of attendees actually did, with Auckland Transport now refusing to release the cost of providing the public transport. Read more »

Salary increases: shock for ratepayers

Opinion from David Thornton of No More Rates
Many ratepayers will feel quite shocked at the level of annual salary increases promised to those elected to Auckland Council and its Local Boards after the October local elections. Read more »

Where’s the third option?

Opinion by Elaine West
Auckland Council is cheating the public of the genuine right to a say in the Council’s online submission form – Keep Auckland Moving. Two options are presented for Aucklanders to consider re Public Transport Funding. The choice of either Option (A) or Option (B) is mandatory within the body of the submission. If either Option (A) or (B) is not ticked, then the submission form will be rejected. Read more »

Paying to drive on the motorways? There should be a referendum

Opinion from Councillor Cameron Brewer
Eighteen months ago, Auckland Mayor Len Brown promoted a public referendum over the council’s preferred option to address Auckland’s $12 billion transport funding gap. With the Consensus Building Group set to release a discussion document tomorrow on its proposed additional funding options, the Mayor should recommit to his idea of a referendum following public consultation and the council adopting a position. Read more »

Len Brown asks: how do we find $12billion for transport developments?

Letter from Auckland Mayor Len Brown
Tens of thousands of Aucklanders have got involved in the draft Auckland Unitary Plan discussion. The plan will guide the future shape of Auckland, so discussing the issues and opportunities raised by the draft is important for all of us. I encourage you to have your say before feedback closes at the end of May. Read more »

Prevarication on extending tramway – Mike Lee let down by his council

by Brent Efford
The development community in Auckland doesn’t seem to appreciate the potential of the tramway they have already got. Read more »

City Rail Link: doubling the capacity of Auckland’s rail network

Press Release – TVNZ
Q + A Susan Wood Interviews Russel Norman
SUSAN To be fair and clear, it’s not really your strategy – it’s the Auckland City strategy, isn’t it? The rail loop we’re talking here.
RUSSEL That’s right. We’ve been promoting it for a long time, but the Auckland Council obviously is totally on board as well. It’s a key part, as well, of the Auckland plan, about our compact urban form. Having a decent transport system is a key part of that. Read more »

What a waste: Council’s $59m spend on communications

Opinion by Councillor Cameron Brewer
The Auckland Council spent at least $59.4m of ratepayers’ money on communications, publications and marketing in its first two years of existence. Read more »

Letter to Len Brown: a revised process for Unitary Plan

Opinion from David Thornton of No More Rates
Letter to Mayor Len Brown
Dear Len,
A change of direction for the Unitary Plan process.
I have been to many meetings on the draft Unitary Plan (UP) and have had innumerable discussions with residents, ratepayers, small businesses etc. I have concluded that the process and timetable towards formal notification and operative status September is causing as much concern as any of the actual details in the Plan. Read more »

Undemocratic? Rushing the Unitary Plan

Opinion by David Thornton of No More Rates
There is now no doubt that the Mayor and Auckland Council are aiming to rush through the processing of the Unitary Plan and make it legally operative in September. Read more »

Under-age prostitution in South Auckland: concerns about safety, intimidation

Report from Pacific Scoop by Greg Asciutto
As politicians discussed prostitution legislation reform in South Auckland at the weekend, more details of underage prostitution in the region continued to emerge. Read more »

Shorter walk to work with city rail link

Like Britomart, areas surrounding the three new stations may be redeveloped. Photo: Rob MacGregor

Report by Rob MacGregor for Te Waha Nui
Rail commuters will have a much shorter walk to their office and new business will emerge as a result if the City Rail Link (CRL) is built, says Auckland Transport. The proposed link will connect Britomart and Mt Eden stations via three underground terminals at Symonds St, Karangahape Rd and Wellesley St. Read more »

Fire spreads to roof of Maidment Theatre at Auckland University

There was a fire in the Maidment Theatre at Auckland University this afternoon. Read more »

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