69% Want An Increase In Income Support For People On Low Wages And Benefits

Press Release – Auckland Action Against Poverty

A survey released today which was commissioned by a group of more than 40 organisations has found that 7/10 New Zealanders want an increase in income support for people on low wages and benefits.

“We welcome the support from wider New Zealand. This is a clear indication that the public support our call for Liveable Incomes” says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Agnes Magele.

“Liveable Incomes is so important for us, our children, and our families because it means we can start to reclaim some of our power that’s been stripped from us when dealing with Work and Income and other public institutions. People treat you differently depending on how much money you have. It shouldn’t be this way either. It doesn’t have to be.”

“It means we don’t have to stress out about where our next meal is going to come from, or whether to choose between the rent or power being paid. It means we can give our children lunch money, or take them to see a movie on the weekend. It means we can enjoy a meal out without having to worry about its cost. It means people have a bit more freedom to live full lives. We believe no-one should live in poverty, even those of us who aren’t in paid employment.”

“Capping rents and stronger investments into universal design public housing and iwi solutions also need to happen alongside this increase. There’s no point in increasing income support to people on low wages and benefits when the majority of it is likely to end up in the pockets of landlords.”

“The public knows this is the right thing to do and so it should be done. There are no more excuses that this Labour government can keep giving us, and we won’t be accepting any either. Liveable Incomes is long overdue and should have been implemented a very long time ago.”

“We are looking forward to Liveable Incomes being adopted in the next budget.”

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