Ban All Live Exports

Press Release – Direct Action Everywhere New Zealand

Animal rights groups have joined together to conduct a nationwide series of actions on Wed 16 September 2020. This is in response to the sinking of the Gulf Livestock 1, which went down in a typhoon with the loss of 5,000 cows and 40 human crew, mostly from the Philippines.

Actions will be held in the following locations:

Auckland: 1pm, bottom of Queen St and march to Aotea Square.

Tauranga: 10.30am, Port of Tauranga, Mount Maunganui

Whanganui: 9.30am, Castlecliffe Beach

Wellington: 11.45am, outside the Ministry of Primary Industries, 38 Bowen St, Wellington.

Online: 7.00pm, virtual protest via Zoom (registration at

The purposes of the actions will be to remember those who lost their lives in this tragic event, and to petition to the government that they institute a permanent ban on live exports.

Live exports for slaughter are already prohibited, due to the cruel nature of slaughterhouse conditions in countries where animal welfare laws are lax or non-existent. Animals exported for breeding are exempt from this ban, even though they only get a brief stay of execution. Once their usefulness as breeders has run its course, they are slaughtered in hideous cruelty.

Anna Rippon from Direct Action Everywhere New Zealand believes this tragedy should not be allowed to happen again.

“If the government had listened to activists, who pleaded with them not to allow these live exports to go ahead, all these lives, human and non-human would have been saved,” said Anna.

According to Sonja Penafiel Burmudez from Speak Up For Animals, most kiwis against live export. “Many farmers refuse to send their animals due to their understanding of the distress and neglect the animals endure whilst standing in excrement and unable to access fresh water and food.”

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