Hannah Tamaki Invited To Speak At ‘Civil Rights Movement’

Press Release – Vision New Zealand

“I can see why people are fed up, many are wondering how to clothe and feed their kids, or how they are going to pay their rent next week and still others are wondering what has happened to our beautiful Kiwi Way of Life. Well no party in parliament other than Vision New Zealand, which is out of parliament, is talking about real solutions for families and making a stand for our flag, freedoms, faith and future.” said Hannah Tamaki on the eve of speaking at the Civil Rights Movement ‘Let’s Get NZ Back’ Saturday, 11th July, commencing 12pm at Forte Street, ending at Aotea Square, Auckland CBD.

“I have a passion for people and after doing the mahi among the people these last 40 years, and hearing the desperate voices I will use my voice to do what I can for those who don’t have a voice”. said Hannah Tamaki.

She went on to say “I intend to bring some hope back into politics, not add to the growing number of politicians who get in to parliament and forget who put them there. Vision New Zealand is about solutions. If that means we have to be a thorn in everybody’s side after September 19th , then so be it”.

“I intend to win the Waiariki Electorate and then every party vote counts. So I’m saying to people, PUT HOPE IN YOUR VOTE; give me your candidate vote and join the 30,000 plus who are going to give Vision New Zealand the party vote, and let’s shake things up together”.

As with last year, Hannah will be at the Maori Warden’s Warranting Ceremony tomorrow 10am at the Birkenhead RSA.

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