Fiona Mackenzie Electorate Candidate for Whangaparāoa 2020

Press Release – New Conservative

New Conservative has selected Fiona Mackenzie as their candidate for the revised Whangaparāoa electorate in this September’s general election.

A Hibiscus Coaster for 33 years, Fiona is a wife, mother, business person and community volunteer. Her work experience covers the spectrum, with the more formal side including teaching, finance and marketing communications. She has a BA and MBA from Auckland University, was self-employed for 28 years and, with her husband, owns a business on the Shore. Her volunteer work has included non-profit boards, project management for Te Araroa – New Zealand’s walking trail, environmental projects, as well as lobbying to protect our democracy and freedom of speech.
Fiona firmly believes that strong families result in happier communities.

“We live in a lovely part of the country but we have a lot of work to do if our children are to enjoy a united, peaceful and prosperous future,” she explained.

“Raising children can be stressful and expensive at times. New Conservative wants to help via tax breaks, more affordable housing, good education options, local jobs and ready access to healthcare services.

“We also need to strengthen our democracy. Politicians and the bureaucracy need reminding that they work for us – the people. Policies and laws must be simple, practical and fair to all; and they must respect our democratic, human rights.

“Basic infrastructure and services should also be prioritised. Red tape, wasteful spending, tax-takes and empire-building must be kept to a minimum.

“But higher quality public services and support depends upon building a strong economy. We need to prioritise economic wellness so we can maintain a healthy population and environment. Linking MPs’ salary increases to the average wage might help remind them of this!”

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