Watercare Drought Update: Friday 5 June

Press Release – Watercare


  Yesterday Past 7 days Rainfall since the start of the drought
Hūnua Ranges 4.5mm 95.5mm Since the start of the drought in November 2019, we have received less than half the normal rainfall.
Waitākere Ranges 9.5mm 47.5mm

In May, the total volume of rain that fell in the Hunua and Waitakere ranges was within the normal range. However, it was not enough to replenish the dams or reverse the downward trend. On 1 May, the dams were 46% full whereas on 30 May, they were 43% full. This is because the land around the dams was extremely dry. Most of the rain was soaked up by the soil and didn’t flow into the dams. Thankfully, now that we have received some rain, we can expect downfalls over the coming months to be more effective, with higher volumes flowing into the dams.

How full the dams are: (in total)

Today: 45.02%
Yesterday: 44.91%
Normal for this time of year: 76.85%

Water consumption:

Target for June 2020: 410 million litres or less a day
Yesterday’s consumption 407 million litres
Yesterday’s 7-day rolling average 397 million litres

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