‘Pop Up Container Health Clinics’ Rolled Out

Press Release – Whanau Waipareira

Waipareira has today blessed three ‘pop up container health clinics’ that will deliver a new era of medical care right to the door of the community.

Learnings from the Covid virus lockdown has unlocked the door for Waipareira to now take its services directly to the community it serves.

Fully-staffed medical teams will man the containers which will eventually be located in impoverished areas to provide immediate clinical care.

“Given our learnings from Covid, we now know that simple drive through care and assessments work extraordinarily well,” Waipareira CEO John Tamihere said.

“The use of digital applications have stopped queuing, give instant service and bypass waiting times. Queuing times have been taken away and we now want this service taken to the community – opposed to the community serving the interests of those that run a clinic.”

The Container Health Clinics will be placed in poorer areas across West Auckland and operate over a 7-day period. This service, and facility will be free to all the community.

“But in the very near future, people that use our service will have home delivered their pharmaceuticals, rather than waiting in a que or will have them provided immediately if they require urgent access to medicine,” Tamihere said.

“This entire service will be run by highly trained and qualified nurse practitioners and or paramedics who have been certified to provide pharmaceutical prescriptions, take blood tests, and provide intravenous vaccinations and the like.

“Best of all, it is free.”

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