Youth Group Supports Close To 100 Families Throughout Pandemic Outbreak

Press Release – MyFundAction

New Zealand – Countries across the globe are struggling to stabilize their economy as a result of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). New Zealand is no exception to this as the lockdown imposed starting 26th of March forced some employers; especially small businesses, to lay off their workers due to not being able to bear the worker’s wages during this lockdown period. This took a toll on many families especially ones without single fix source of income.

Having a close relationship with some of these families through a previous project called Food for Hunger, MyFundAction New Zealand with the support from University of Canterbury Muslim Students Association (UCMUSA) and Hawkes Bay Baitul Mukarram Masjid and Islamic Centre Trust (HBBMMICT) rose to the occasion and provided them the Box of Happiness. This box contains basic food supplies including rice, pasta, flour, cooking oil, canned food as well as sanitary products like hand sanitizers, disposable facial mask and handwash.

Prior to the lockdown period, the first wave of the distribution for Box of Happiness: Survival Kit, was successfully completed to three families living in Mangere and Takapuna. Upon posting this on social media it quickly gained tremendous support from the community, paving the way for a second wave of distribution to more than 80 families living in Auckland, Christchurch and Hastings on the 25th of April. This second distribution was called Box of Happiness: Ramadhan Blessings as a tribute to the Muslim’s ongoing holy month of Ramadhan.

“You are truly a godsend and for that we are forever grateful. My wife and I were just discussing on the means to sustain our family throughout this lockdown period as I was recently made redundant at work due to this pandemic outbreak. Thank you so much MyFundAction, and everyone who pulled together to make this happen,” said Muhammad upon receiving the Box of Happiness.

Raslan and Maryam, a Maori couple receiving the Box of Happiness had this to share, “My wife and I had been unable to work and support ourselves for a couple of weeks now due to my injury. Luck is not on our side as now that I am recovering, this disease broke out and there is not much job opportunities available. Being neglected by the community for so long, the last thing I expected was for a group of young people to come and show support. Thank you for this.”

The Box of Happiness initiative is the first phase of the sustainable project outlined by MyFundAction New Zealand. Ultimately, the goal is to empower these families and change their lives for the better through academic support for the children, business mentoring for the parents and overall wellbeing via ongoing support group. All of which to be carried out by youths. Being in line with the trust’s mission, to empower the youth to give back to the community for the best future.

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