CEAC Supports Forest & Bird’s Complaint Showing MBIE Lack Of Democracy.

Press Release – Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

CEAC voiced complaints of ‘MBIE secrecy and their lack of democracy’ since 2014 after CEAC was ‘locked out’ of ‘inclusion in planning for a transport study’ designed to restore rail to Gisborne.

Minister of Transport Steven Joyce “redirected the funding” in 2011 of most of the Gisborne rail maintenance for Auckland rail causing washouts of our rail during rain storms and closure in May 2012.

CEAC is encouraged by Forest and Bird raising the issue about the lack of democracy in this “Steven Joyce” inspired mega agency MBIE, which was termed at the time as “The Ministry of Everything”.

CEAC supports Forest and Bird as we are concerned that these ‘Mega agencies’ that National’s Minister Joyce planned are too large and unwieldy and are clearly losing control of serious issues that the public raises today.

Steven Joyce was rewarded then around 2011-12 by his Government and was then called “The Minster of Everything”.

We are yet to learn from our mistakes- here is another example; so we strongly urge Government -get these oversized agencies like NZTA and MBIE broken down to manageable operations again as they were the past to help save the ‘health and wellbeing’ of our environment and citizens.

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