Auckland Schools Take Important Financial Help Online

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Three Auckland schools are offering financial help courses online in a new community education starting soon to encourage learning hot money tips.

“Hot Money Tips: How to stretch your dollar further in uncertain times” is rapidly being rolled out through a breakthrough online community education initiative.

COVID-19 is expected to spark difficult times ahead for many families across New Zealand. With some families losing jobs, others being out of work for weeks or months, and others feeling the pinch with their budget, help is expected to be in huge demand.

Social distancing requirements are no barrier in getting the information out to people, with new Zoom classes being scheduled to run in the coming weeks.

Students can be almost anywhere in New Zealand and attend digitally from the comfort of their own home.

Linda Melrose, of Onehunga High School, says “As we usually offer adult learning classes in physical environments, with structured lessons and teachers and students together it has been a new opportunity for us to try something different”

“Online learning allows learning to continue in virtual classrooms so the programmes are quite unique. Teachers can develop material and share it before class, with classrooms extended to large numbers of learning who can tap into the actual lesson via a meeting app”, explains Linda.

Arthur Parker Ramani, course teacher and financial adviser says “One of the most important things we can do right now is help our fellow Kiwis in areas we know about, and educate them”.

“Using this technology, we are able to step outside the classroom and bring financial help to others. We’ve had to adapt quickly to meet the way teaching and learning is changing”

“Hot Money Tips” is a course that is being run with Rutherford College, Onehunga High School and Aorere College. Taught by expert financial adviser and author Arthur Parker Ramani, the class helps to give Kiwis fundamental knowledge and tools to start getting back on their feet with money matters.

Students can expect to generally learn more about budgeting, debts, KiwiSaver, tips to try save money, and more.

Andrea Cameron of Rutherford College also adds, “COVID-19 has significantly changed our ability to engage in face to face learning onsite, however by offering online opportunities we are still able to reach out and assist our communities in these challenging and difficult times”.

“In my opinion there are many families and individuals financially struggling at the moment and they would benefit from whatever advice is available to them”, Andrea adds.

The courses have been in high demand and one of the courses is understood to have already hit full capacity.
“It’ll give people that motivation they need to get back on track. I also thank the schools helping to allow the course to happen. This is a time of great need for many” says Arthur.

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