George Weston Foods Gears Up To Meet Demand For Bread

Press Release – George Weston Foods

Auckland, 25 March 2020– George Weston Foods is taking steps to ensure that Kiwis are still able to buy their favourite bread as families across the country face down COVID-19.

After an initial round of panic buying left some stores short of bread recently, George Weston Foods responded by assuring its own supply lines and adjusting its production to produce more of its most popular lines: Tip Top, Ploughmans and Burgen.

“The rush to purchase bread reminded us all of the one simple truth that sits at the heart of our business: bread matters,” says Mark Bosomworth, General Manager Baking Division, George Weston Foods (NZ) Limited. “Bread means home. Bread means family. Bread comforts people in times of uncertainty.”

To help keep up with the unprecedented demand George Weston Foods is working to increase production of its top selling lines and balancing production between its bakeries so it can continue to supply fresh bread to every supermarket every day.

“We will be able to meet demand as long as people don’t panic buy and stockpile,” says Mr Bosomworth. “If they remain sensible and considerate there will be enough bread for everyone.”

The company is also working closely with leading supermarkets to streamline deliveries and closely monitor stock levels. It has also undertaken a complete review of its supply chain, including ingredients and packaging, and in current conditions is satisfied that it has access to sufficient stock for the foreseeable future.

It has also implemented enhanced screening, cleaning and hygiene measures and has contingency plans in place so it is well placed to meet demand in these challenging times

“We know how important bread is to people’s well-being and we want to reassure them that our business and our staff are committed to doing everything we can to keep bread on the table in homes throughout the country.”

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