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Businesses Encouraged To Access Government’s $50 Billion Support Package….

Press Release – Auckland Business Chamber

To avoid New Zealand ending up with high unemployment and the resulting social disruption from the month-long lock down, Auckland Business Chamber is urging every business to take advantage of the Government’s $50 billion package of government measures.

As the Government has repeatedly said: “we cannot guarantee to stop all job losses, but we are doing our best to cushion the blow.”

There is a lot of help available to business and employees, including:

“These are significant measures designed cushion the blow for businesses and workers,” said Chamber CEO Michael Barnett.

The Chamber can offer support and advice to affected businesses and is working closely alongside the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), the agency in charge of distributing subsidies.

Barnett says employers should not be intimidated by the process.

“It’s very easy. On our website (www.chamber.co.nz) [1]) we have what’s available and a form – even if you go to the MSD portal, it’s a three step process, it’s not difficult… within days the money has been in their bank account, the process is simple. The support from the MSD so far has been superb and efficient.”

The Chamber encourages every business to use the down time as an opportunity to ensure the welfare of staff is protected and they have access to the assistance that is available.

Also, look at your long-term goals and design a strategy for growing the business back and moving forward.

“Use this enforced break as an opportunity to not just survive, but to plan – get ready for accelerating out of this, and what actions you will take to ‘bounce’ back.”

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